Dynamic screen with image and sound GEWA One – remote control with telephone function

GEWA One is a remote control that helps you manage equipment in your home. You can control TV, music system, receiver for lamps, bed functions, door phone, window openers and automatic doors.

In order to keep in touch with your loved ones and quickly reach a support person, you have the opportunity to call and text with GEWA One. You choose whether you want to use the touch screen, or navigate around with an external control switch. Symbols, colors and voice recordings help you quickly find the right button.

GEWA One also works as a mobile phone enabling the user to keep in touch with friends, family and be able to quickly reach a carer through either a call or text message.

The user can choose whether to control the device through either the touch screen or navigate with an external switch. Symbols, colours and voice recordings help the person quickly find the right button.

A complete solution

GEWA One is a remote control with telephone function, which gives the user the opportunity to call and text. You can customize how pages and buttons should look and have the opportunity to add speed dials to contacts for quicker access.

Control it your way

You only need to tap the screen lightly to activate a button. You can utilise larger buttons for a larger target area, instead of having to navigate the remote with an external control switch.

Easy to see, hear and understand

Symbols, different colours and recorded speech on the buttons can be programmed for easier navigation and choose the number of buttons that a page should display.

Smart Technology

GEWA One can record signals from a TV’s remote control. GEWA One can also transmit signals to a GEWA bed receiver for bed control and coded signals for a front door or external window. Insert a SIM card for calling and texting with loved ones.

Support and security

When a technician is going to customize GEWA One for a user, this is done smoothly in their myAbilia web portal. Within myAbilia there is a backup copy of the users remote control setup making some support functions accessed remotely without the need for an engineer to visit.

Easy to handle

Accessories such as a holder specially designed for the GEWA One allow you to see and manage the remote control from both wheelchair and bed.

Comes with

  • Mobile unit, restricted to GEWA One
  • Charger mobile unit incl USB-cable
  • GEWA Multibox
  • Charger GEWA Multibox incl USB-cable
  • Headphones, 3,5 mm incl USB-C adapter
  • USB-cable USB-C to USB-A
  • SIM-tray installation tool
  • User manual
  • Voucher with license key

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