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Code Jumper

Code Jumper™ is the newest innovation to assist children, regardless of their level of vision, in learning computer coding and programming skills through a unique, physical system. Developed by Microsoft® and distributed by APH, this educational toy bridges the skills gap and opens up the world of coding to every student.

Children not only learn basic programming concepts, such as sequence, iteration, selection, and variables, but will also be encouraged to think computationally, such as solving the same challenge in multiple ways.

Most important, any teacher can facilitate Code Jumper lessons without prior computer science experience, and Code Jumper is inclusive of all children across the vison spectrum.

American Printing House is bringing the Code Jumper project to the finish line, and is currently finalizing manufacturing and distribution details. APH is also developing the curriculum that will allow teachers and students to easily use Code Jumper to learn about computer coding.

About Code Jumper

Jump-start students’ interest in computer science!

  • Code Jumper makes coding immediately accessible for kids who are blind or visually impaired, and who also have no prior computing experience.

  • Code Jumper is an intuitive system designed to be inclusive, enabling all students to work together and build confidence through socialization, cooperation, critical thinking, and hands- on learning.

  • Brightly colored plastic pods with oversized buttons and knobs are connected by “jumper cables” (thick cords) to physically create computer code that can tell stories, make music, and even crack jokes.

  • Code Jumper teaches underlying skills that can empower the next generation to pursue meaningful careers in computer science.

  • Any teacher can facilitate Code Jumper lesson plans without prior computer science experience! A full library of curricula for coding, including teacher guidance and student activities, is also included.

The Code Jumper Kit Includes:

  • Carrying case with:
    • Code Jumper Hub
    • Assortment of pods, plugs and cords
  • Code Jumper App
  • Quick Start Sheet (in both print and braille)
  • Online Student and Teacher Lesson Plans

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