APP2Speak® has Announced the Launch of its New App to iOS/Android Smartphones


APP2Speak® has announced today the launch of is new app to iOS/Android smartphones. 

APP2Speak, a leading assistive communication software app, today announced the launch of its new app for iOS/Android smartphones. Developed by an experienced American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certified Speech Pathologist, the latest release from APP2Speak improves independence and self-worth within the speech-impaired community, fostering an era of inclusion for speech-impaired individuals.

“It is critically important for individuals who are non-verbal or have speech impediments to have the ability to conveniently communicate within all aspects of everyday life,” said Gina Baldwin, M.S., CCC-SLP, founder. “The ability to use APP2Speak on their smartphone and devices will dramatically improve their communication experience and way of life.”

With global success in eight countries, APP2Speak is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, photo-based augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) software application supporting thousands of individuals who experience speech impairment as a result of a stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, autism, and other conditions affecting speech and communication.

The latest release for iOS/Android smartphones expands APP2Speak’s device services for assisting individuals with speech impairments to communicate more effectively. APP2Speak is available for iOS/Android tablet devices.

APP2Speak serves individuals of all ages in regaining their speech-independence through an easy-to-use software application now available for all iOS/Android smartphones.

About APP2Speak

APP2Speak is a fully functional augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app for speech impaired individuals. Simply touch a pre-loaded photo to talk, or easily customize the app by adding your own photos or by taking a photo within the app itself. The app uses a pre-recorded (or any voice that you personally record) to speak your message to family and friends. 

The software provides easy-to-read instructions and includes a built-in “Help” system, and it requires no special training to create the optional “voice” and “photo” customizations. Custom pages are endless, Create and save one or more phrases per photo for additional convenient conversation.

Create your Text -to-Speech page, with the option to save text to speech history of redundant words and phrases. 

Set your preference to start APP2Speak on either pre-set page, text-to-speech page, or custom page.

Who is the app for?
APP2Speak is for adults, adolescents, for mom, dad, brother, sister, anyone who needs help communicating their wants and needs. The app is designed for individuals with stroke, apraxia, Autism, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, brain injury and other conditions effecting speech and communication.

How does APP2Speak work?
Simply touch a pre-loaded photo to talk. You can easily customize the app by adding your own photos or by taking a photo within the app itself. APP2Speak uses a pre-recorded (or any voice that you personally record) to speak your message to family and friends.

Is there a video tutorial available?

Yes. The tutorial videos can be found on APP2Speak software application and on APP2Speak YouTube channel.

Is it easy to operate and update?

APP2Speak is very easy-to-use. It includes a build-in “help” system and it requires no special training to use and customize. To update APP2Speak, simply choose the manual or automatic update setting on your device.

How do I buy APP2Speak ?

Purchase and download APP2Speak from iTunes/Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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