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New app in APP2Speak Family – Lite version

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ipad version of app2speak light

iPad Version

APP2Speak Lite is a photo-based AAC app that gives a voice to individuals who have lost the ability to speak and/or have difficulty communicating. This app is for anyone who needs help with speech and communication. APP2Speak is used by individuals who have experienced a stroke, aphasia, apraxia, brain injury, or diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, Autism, and other conditions effecting speech and communication.

Developed by an experienced American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certified Speech Language Pathologist, APP2Speak Lite is an Augmentative and alternative Communication (AAC) photo-based app for the iPad, and iPhone.

Imagine being able to speak to anyone simply by touching a photo. APP2Speak Lite is a speech output AAC app compatible with most smart mobile devices whether you need a glass of water or just want to strike up a conversation, APP2Speak Lite allows you to easily connect with your world.

APP2Speak Lite is a solution for someone who has difficulty speaking. Users can take advantage of 20 preprogrammed photos with words or phrases that allow them to easily express their immediate wants and needs. APP2Speak Lite is also customizable. You can quickly and easily create custom phrases using your own photos or take a photo within the app (up to 5 images on the Lite version) and record a familiar voice for personalization. Creating custom phrases gives each user the opportunity to inject their personality into every conversation.

Current Format: APP2Speak Lite – iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone – iOS 8.0 or later

iphone version of app2speak

iPhone Version



  • 1 pre-programmed page of (20) photos, words and speech output for immediate communication
  • Turn preset photos on/off and move photos within the preset page
  • 2 options for size of photos
  • Option for male and female voice
  • Text to Speech – Get the feel for typing your messages. There is no speech/voice output in the APP2Speak Lite version
  • Adjust speech rate button
  • Record a familiar voice for personalization on the custom page
  • Customize up to 5 photos using your own personal photo library, free internet photos or take custom photo within the app and create and save one or more phrases per photo for additional convenient conversation
  • Move and rearrange custom photos
  • Help button for video demonstration

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