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emego – Rethinking Switching


The Alternative Switch

Emego is an innovative new electromyography (EMG) switch that uses the very small electrical signals from limited muscle activity to wirelessly trigger electronic assistive technology equipment (eAT). Designed to be used by people with severe disabilities to give […]

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M3 Corpus – Improved Drive Performance


Smooth Moves

Conquer your day with a suspension meticulously engineered to help you maintain better positioning, feel more secure, and reduce driving fatigue. The precision engineering of the M3 Corpus helps ensure improved drive performance and a more consistent driving experience for all users. This is especially true at low speeds, in tight […]

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Introducing i-digits quantum


design. dexterity. intelligent motion

– gesture control powered by i-mo™ technology uses simple gestures to change grips
– bluetooth enabled grip chips™ activate pre-set grips in proximity to i-digits
– adjustable speed boost increases speed by up to 30%
– up to 30% more power when needed
– improved component design for easy and reliable […]

Introducing i-digits quantum2017-07-13T22:59:33-05:00

This is Skoog!


Skoog is…

A  musical instrument that anyone can play.  A new music accessory for iPad that opens up a world of ‘musicplay’ to everyone.


Whatever your skills, abilities or musical talents, Skoog’s universal design enables fun, accessible, expressive music-making for children, parents, teachers, musicians and families, including those with disabilities.

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