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Emery’s Story – Student with Dyslexia Discovers a Love of Reading

Emery is a sixth grade student from Garland, Texas. When she was younger, she thought she would never learn how to read. “I remember getting so angry at myself because I would read something and not have any idea what it meant. Other kids were reading stories, and I thought, maybe I’m just not good enough,” said Emery. “It’s painful to watch that frustration in your child. There were tears, crying, yelling, and laying her head on the table,” said Mac, Emery’s father.

When Emery was seven years old, her parents took her to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, a pediatric hospital specializing in learning disorders, to be evaluated. She was diagnosed with dyslexia, and the staff gave her information about special education law, 504 plans, and a free Bookshare account. Bookshare, a Benetech initiative, is the world’s largest library of accessible ebooks. Emery uses a reading app that highlights the words as she listens to the narration, which taught her how to track sentences and decode words. Emery customizes her reading experience by adjusting the font size, colors, highlighting, voices, and narration speed.

“I remember thinking that I would never learn how to read, but Bookshare put me in my own world, and I found out that this is how everybody feels when they read.” —Emery Lower, sixth grade student.

Bookshare has literally changed Emery’s life. With the support of her family and dyslexia resources like Bookshare, Emery’s reading and school experience improved significantly. It taught her brain how to track words and read coherently and fluidly. She realized that there are stories behind strings of words. Emery has scored at a master reading level every year she has taken the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR).

It helped her build so much confidence in herself that she entered a school contest called Ready Writing, sponsored by the University Interscholastic League, for the first time. Students are given two hours to write an essay based on one of two prompts. Emery’s story was about her special brain, and it was commended by the judges. Writing that story was a hundred and eighty degrees from where she was before her diagnosis. “She loves to read, and that cannot be attributed to anything but Bookshare,” says Brandy, Emery’s mom.

Read Your Way – Ebooks for people with reading barriers

Bookshare makes reading easier. People with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers can customize their experience to suit their learning style and find virtually any book they need for school, work, or the joy of reading.

Why Use Bookshare?

Hundreds of thousands of people with dyslexia, learning disabilities, visual impairments, physical disabilities, and other reading barriers have read millions of Bookshare books. It has empowered them to study for school, pursue careers, and read for fun. Why do so many people use Bookshare?


Customized Reading

Customize your reading experience with ebooks in audio, audio + highlighted text, braille, large font, and other formats.



780,000 Titles

Access the largest library of textbooks, bestsellers, children’s books, career resources, and more for people with reading barriers.


Read Anywhere

Read on almost any device, including smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, computers, and assistive technology devices. Listen to books, follow along with karaoke-style highlighting, read in braille or large font, and customize your reading experience with ebooks in formats that work for YOU.

Lowest Cost

Get unlimited access: FREE for qualified U.S. students and schools, less than $1 per week for adults, and free or reduced fees in certain countries.


Who uses Bookshare?


Educators get textbooks and educational materials students need in easy-to-read formats



Are your students reading at grade level?

For students with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities, print books can be impediments to reading. Even audio books may not provide the level of support students need.

Bookshare® lets students read their way. They can read ebooks on devices they already use and customize the experience to accommodate their specific learning needs. Educators can help students to read in ways that work for them by getting all their books in easy-to-read Bookshare formats by creating a free school account.

Who Uses Bookshare?

Educators use Bookshare to make reading easier for students with specific learning disabilities in the area of reading like dyslexia, as well as other reading barriers such as blindness, low vision, retinitis pigmentosa, and cerebral palsy. To use Bookshare, students must have a qualifying disability.

FREE for U.S. Schools and Qualified Students

Bookshare is free for U.S. K-12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, trade schools, Perkins School for the Blind, and Hadley School for the Blind to support students with reading barriers. Qualified U.S. students can also sign up for free personal memberships. 



Students in kindergarten to college and beyond access school and leisure books on their own.



Do You Have a Reading Barrier?

Reading is a critical skill. When students cannot decode words, see text, or physically manage a book, reading and learning can be difficult.

Bookshare® lets students read their way. They can access a huge library of ebooks on devices they already use and customize the reading experience to accommodate their specific learning needs. 

FREE for US Students

Bookshare is FREE for US Students with qualifying reading barriers. Students 18 years and over can sign up on their own; parents can sign up students under 18 years of age.



Adults access books to pursue careers, stay informed, and enjoy bestsellers and newest releases.



Do you Love Reading?

Books are enriching. They tell wondrous stories, teach new skills, and connect us to the wider world.

When people cannot read books due to barriers like vision loss and dyslexia, they miss out on all the great things books have to offer.

Bookshare® lets you read your way. You can access a huge library of ebooks on devices you already use and customize the experience to accommodate your reading needs.

Lowest Cost, Unlimited Reading

Bookshare memberships cost $50 per year. Members get unlimited access to the entire collection and can read as many books as they like. That translates to less than $1 per week for unlimited reading!



People in over 70 countries access Bookshare to pursue employment and education



Access Bookshare Around the World

Do you want to acquire skills to gain employment? Are you trying to pursue your education at school or university? Do you wish you could enjoy the same bestselling novels your friends are reading?

With Bookshare, people with reading barriers can pursue their dreams. You will get access to the largest collection of ebooks in customizable formats, including books in 34 languages. You can also customize your reading experience to your specific learning style.

Unlimited Access

People with qualified disabilities can join and enjoy unlimited access to the Bookshare library. Members can access multiple books at a time and do not need to return books before accessing new titles.

Free and Low Cost Reading

Fees are based upon World Bank income designations by country, with reduced or free pricing for developing countries

Who Qualifies?

Bookshare is the must-have reading tool for people with dyslexia, learning disabilities, blindness, low vision, retinitis pigmentosa, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers. To use Bookshare, individuals must have a qualifying disability.

Make Reading Easier

Readers can experience Bookshare ebooks many different ways:

  • Listen to books with high quality audio
  • See text and follow along with word-level highlighting
  • Adjust reading speed, font, and color
  • Enlarge font size
  • Read in braille
  • Add bookmarks and notes
  • Take advantage of partners apps and study tools

Bookshare ebooks provide more reading options than other ebooks or audio books.

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