When the Attainment Company introduced the GoTalk NOW app in 2011, students with visual impairments began to benefit once teachers and therapists began to utilize new features. This app has been a game changer for blind and low-vision students who possess complex needs. Features such as scanning capabilities with auditory cues and feedback, linked pages and the ability to change and manipulate: fonts, borders, backgrounds, images, etc. enable it to be highly accessible for students with complex needs who are blind or have low vision. Various videos of students including those with Cortical Visual Impairment and other visual challenges using GoTalk NOW for auditory scanning, partner assisted scanning and tactile symbols with voice output will be shown. Also, participants will be provided with examples of the use of the app including routines with voice output, auditory and tactile student schedules, tactile maps, reinforcement of concepts, and tactile experience books. Additionally, participants will receive a resource with a list of materials that can be used to create tactile feedback.

Date and Time:

  • October 3, 2019
  • 11:00 am – 12:00 pm


company-affiliated demonstration


blind / low vision

Subject Level:


Computer Level: