Tuesday evening through Friday, October  1-4, 2019

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AbleNet is a leading developer and provider of assistive technology and curriculum for individuals with physical cognitive impairments. 

Abram’s Nation is a manufacturer of durable medical equipment, sensory and wearable products. Our mission is to create products that solve problems and improve the lives of special needs families around the world.

Adaptivation is the producer of specialized switches, electronic communication aids, and other assistive technology for individuals with special needs.

ASL is dedicated to designing and adapting devices that allow individuals with severe disabilities to achieve independent movement, environmental control and communication/computer access.

APP2Speak is an easy-to-use, fully interactive, and inexpensive AAC software application. It is fully customizable. You can easily integrate your own photos, take a photo within APP2Speak and record a voice to personalize communication.

ATTAINMENT is the leading provider of blended learning solutions with traditional curriculum, manipulatives, and technologies.  Attainment is an international leader in communication technologies with Go Talk & Go Talk NOW!

Ava is a mobile captioning software, designed to empower individuals with hearing challenges or learning challenges by transcribing classes in realtime and providing post lecture notes.

Avaz Inc. is an assistive technology company that has created AVAZ, Freespeech and MDA Avaz Reader, all enabling people with disabilities to live an empowered life, one day at a time.

BlueSky Designs provides the Mount’n Mover Wheelchair Mounting System unsurpassed for accessibility, flexibility, and independence, both for users and others. The mechanism remembers optimal positions and moves out of range for driving and transfers. 

As the flagship education brand of Tobii Dynavox, Boardmaker provides solutions to advance literacy, accessibility, and communication, giving your students the power to achieve. www.goboardmaker.com

A fun, intuitive, and affordable app designed from the ground up by speech therapists to be the link between caregivers, teachers, and learners. Fully customizable, this app engages and expands effective learning and teaching. Be a game changer. Be the BRIDGE!

Milo the Robot, Vidget Chairs, Ginger Tiger, Big Grip Stands, C-Pen, Blaze Mobility, Let’s Speak, Bose Auto Pill Dispenser, Sonar Glasses, Vibes Ear Plugs, Custom Keyguards

CI provides pediatric occupational, speech and language, feeding and physical therapy services to kids of all abilities in the Southern Wisconsin area.

Manufacturer of the Pro GT ENDURO wheelchair mount, ET Roller, TBO Mount and a variety of switch mounts to support all types of assistive technology.

Claro Software develops Assistive Technology, software for people with disabilities such as print and reading difficulties like dyslexia, to help them achieve all they can. We are experts in speech synthesis, word prediction, spell checking and switch access, and combine them to make innovative, easy-to-use products on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Google …

Control Bionics is quickly becoming the world’s leading provider of wearable, EMG devices. Their latest product, the NeuroNode Trilogy, provides a solution uniquely designed for those living with motor impairment and speech difficulties due to conditions like MND, SCI, TBI, and Cerebral Palsy. The NeuroNode Trilogy provides users with three …

At CoughDrop we work to help bring out the voices of those with complex communication needs through technology that easily adapts to the individual and supports everyone around them.

Creative Communicating is a small business started by Pati King-DeBaun, M.S. CCC-SLP that creates and sells apps, books, communication support tools for various devices and teaching materials. Contracted and specialized consulting and trainings by Pati King-DeBaun is available for individuals, service centers, and school systems.

Crick Software is dedicated to raising literacy levels. Clicker 7, DocsPlus and our iPad and Chrome apps are powerful tools designed to support students of all abilities.

CSS based in Germany stands for 30 years of experience in development and production of products for assistive computer access, environmental control and assistive call.

DAESSY Mounting Systems for AAC devices, tablets and switches (wheelchair, desk and floor stands). The Original and dependable mounting system supporting assistive technology since 1986.

Don Johnston, a Google for Education Premier Partner, develops technology-based human learning tools helping unlock the potential of people across varied learning styles, used by nearly two million students in over 4,000 districts.

Use head movement and/or voice dictation to have independent computer access and gaming in virtual reality. Easy-to-use, no calibration needed, and complete privacy.

Forbes AAC is the creator of the innovative augmentative and alternative communication devices, the ProSlate Series and WinSlate Series with the EnableEyes eye tracking module.

Creating handcrafted products with pride, quality and ingenuity, with the goal of providing therapy, recreation, fun, and most of all, freedom!

GMU’s Online AT Program provides training on current AT tools/techniques using a tools-based, hands-on, direct-learning approach through a 15-credit graduate certificate or 30-credit masters degree.

Ghotit is a developer of software and mobile apps for people with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia.

Hamilton® CapTel® delivers life-changing solutions that make all the difference. Reliable captions of everything said while on the phone ensure clarity on every call.

HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy in Philadelphia, serves children 5-21 with complex, multiple disabilities resulting from cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury or neurological impairment.

Humanelektronik has been specializing since 1995 in electromechanical and computer-based systems for people with physical disabilities. Our goal is to remove barriers in daily life in order to empower people with disabilities. Extensive consulting results in the development of practically-oriented individual solutions based on a broad product portfolio.

From switch access to iDevices through alternate input systems for computers including EyeGaze technology, as well as HelpKidzLearn and Chooselt! Maker 3 subscription services.

We at InnerVoice are dedicated to improving quality of life for people who struggle with communication challenges. We believe that the current technology is ready but underutilized and that communication can be mastered if people are provided with the right tools. We make those tools.

Teachers, therapists, parents and children can experience how IRIS Solutions empower education and accelerate the learning process by making access to information enjoy and efficient. 

Our mission is to empower families. We help parents provide structure and routines in their children’s lives. We help children develop self discipline, self-esteem and provides them with the organizational skills necessary for a successful and happy life.

Key2enable, home of Key-X, a Keyboard panel that enables any person with severe motor or intellectual disabilities to fully access computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Keyguard Assistive Technology is the leading supplier of custom keyboards with the largest variety of designs, materials and attachment methods in the industry.

Kurzweil Education enables learners to access curricula, build literacy skills, and make real academic progress with k1000 for students with blindness or low vision and k3000 for learning differences.

Microsoft is committed to creating and delivering technology that empowers people of all abilities. For more information, please visit our Expo booth #414 to get hands-on with the latest Microsoft products.

ModularHose.com manufactures and offers Solutions for the assistive technology/special needs field.

The MyAbilities Task Scheduler is a mobile App that will help people with developmental disabilities, seniors, caregivers, or anyone that have challenges taking medications and people in rehabilitation programs. Task Scheduler with live pictures. Reads to you in many languages. Also used by: Doctors, Pharmacists, Individuals and Medical offices.

n2y® is changing the lives of special educators and their students with a differentiated instructional program tailored to help all students access the general education curriculum.

Core Vocabulary Exchange System™ combines core vocabulary and picture exchange into one system that is both interactive communication board and a language teaching tool.

Oklahoma Assistive Technology and Educational Consulting Associates, Inc. approaches each child as an individual, focusing on unique needs, helping each learner gain access to curriculum and recommend that promote academic success.