Eyetell – Turn your iPad into Eye-Powered Communication Board


Eyetell – Turn your iPad into Eye-Powered Communication Board

Eyetell the first truly affordable, accessible and non stigmatizing communication app. Designed to make communication easier for people living with motor disabilities and speech impairment. Eyetell will allow you to speak freely with everyone wherever you are.


Why use Eyetell?

Thy believe that the most effective technology is the one available for everyone.

Everyone should afford to have a voice, and therefore Eyetell will cost the same as your Netflix subscription.

No cumbersome calibration, or any additional hardware required. Download the app to your iPad and you’re good to go.

No big and stigmatizing computer systems. We use what’s already available on the market. Eyetell only needs an iPad to work


The leading eyetracking technology




Open and you are ready to go!

They don’t want to make things complicated. Long calibration processes and additional hardware to setup are elements of the past. The future is easy to use and software only. Download Eyetell from the App Store, open it and you’re ready to go. As long as your face is placed accordingly to the trackbox displayed in Eyetell everything should be working just fine.






Experience the efficiency of word prediction

Effective communication is not to type every single letter to create sentences. That’s why they’ve developed our their proprietary word predictor and word finisher and integrated them in Eyetell. The word predictor is contextual, and eventually gets better at prediction the more you write. By including these tools in Eyetell, they make sure you’re able to write as fast as possible. The word predictor is contextual, and gets better the more you write.





Your Eyetell.Your story.

Easily add your own words or sentences to the dictionary. People tend to use the same phrases, words or sentences. Instead of writing out the same sentence every time, just add it to your own personalized dictionary. Eyetell will make sure it is suggested when you start writing the sentence.


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