Goally – Designed for kids with ADHD, autism, and other attention issues


Goally is a program designed by leading behavioral therapists, child psychologists and learning experts.

  • Less stress and conflict, more quality family time
    Your child learns to stay on task, on their own, with a distraction-free device with built-in graphics and engaging sounds.

  • Structured routines and tasks step-by-step
    Access a library of built-in routines and tasks or create and customize your own.

  • Set Goally points and rewards
    Keep your child motivated to complete tasks, while building confidence and independence.

  • Gain unique parental controls
    Your parent app keeps track of behavior, points and everything important for you.

  • Get therapist support and access our online community of parents
    Unlimited access to Goally behavior therapists and coaching support

Step 1

Get your Goally

When it arrives, set up is easy.


Step 2

Download MyGoally parent app
Availabile for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows.

Step 3

Set up a consultation

One of their licensed behavioral therapists or Goally coaches will help you set up routines, goals and rewards and come up with a progression plan for your child.

Step 4

Put yourself and your child in control

Set tasks and routines. Adjust points and behavior. Help your child feel in charge, rewarded, and independent.

How Goally got started -His family’s story

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