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Assistive Technology (AT) and it’s Role in the Lives of Individuals of All Abilities

What is Assistive Technology (AT)?

Assistive Technology (AT) is any accommodation provided that compensates a cognitive or physical deficit for people with disabilities by providing equal access to information, tasks or activities. If you’ve ever used a spell checker or a stool to reach the top shelf in your kitchen, you’ve used AT!

Assistive Technology (AT) includes, but is not limited to the areas of:


speech and language disabilities

learning disabilities

physical disabilities

vision impairment / blindness

hearing impairment / deaf

low-incidence disabilities

cognitive development / modifications

job accomodations

seating, positioning and mobility

keyboard alternatives

computers, mobile devices including phones, and tablets

augmentative communication

environmental control and adaptations

vehicle modification and transportation



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About  Closing The Gap

Closing The Gap was founded in 1982 by Budd and Dolores Hagen, parents of a child with a disability.

The Hagens recognized and embraced the revolutionary role technology would play in the life of their son and soon thereafter, began their mission to share the information and possibilities with others.

The Hagens published the first edition of Closing The Gap and hosted the first annual Closing The Gap Conference in 1982. Their work was instrumental in the development of the assistive technology industry.

Today, Closing The Gap continues to lead the way for special educators, rehabilitation professionals and consumers. They’re internationally renowned and respected as the leader in assistive technology news, resources and professional development opportunities.

Family owned and operated by two of the Hagen’s seven children, Megan Turek and Marc Hagen; we welcome you to the site and hope that through the many resources available, you gain the knowledge, skills, and network of professional support that will assist you in impacting the lives of your students, clients and family members.

Founders, Budd and Dolores Hagen