Interactive Planner for Caregivers

All Your Child’s Info At Your FingerTips

All parents know how difficult it is to keep track of everything going on with their kids. From meals, to medications, to the daily schedule, children’s lives seem every bit as complicated as adults’ – maybe more. When a child has special needs, the complexity is raised to another level.

You probably feel like you could hire a personal assistant to manage your kid’s affairs.

Since that isn’t financially feasible for most parents, we’ve put together a virtual assistant to help keep you and your kids organized. And our interactive planner is absolutely free for you to use.

Explore the toolbox below and discover user-friendly ways to schedule your child’s day, record your child’s meals, track games and activities, log medications, and share emergency contact information.

They hope the interactive planner makes your hectic life just a little bit easier.


Schedule Your Child’s Day
Chart out your child’s daily routine. Fill in the fields below with details about your child’s routine.

Record Meals Your Child Eats
What does your child like to eat? What allergies do caretakers need to know about?  Plan your child’s menu for the day – and list any foods that must be avoided due to allergies.

Record Your Child’s Games & Interactions
Kids’ lives are busy. Get a quick review of your child’s daily activities by filling out the details here. List things like games, adventures, visits, playdates and outings.

Record Your Child’s Medications
Make sure your child gets the right medicine at the right time. List your child’s medications and the time they should be taken.

Emergency Contacts
Let caregivers know who to call should your child has an emergency. List doctors’ names and numbers below. Also provide contact information for parents and other emergency contacts.