It’s here! PRC Releases The Unity 2.0 Language System!

The Unity language system is the most established AAC language system in the industry. It’s used by tens of thousands of people using AAC and has been translated into more than a dozen languages. It’s also the foundation of the LAMP Words for Life and CoreScanner language systems.

Prentke Romich Company, PRC is pleased to announce the release of the Unity 2.0 language system.

The most innovative and established AAC language system in the industry, the Unity language system is now even easier to use – and easier to teach.

Key features of the Unity 2.0 language system include wizards and programming shortcuts that reduce set up time, and activity sets designed for quick communication within a favorite activity. A range of key sizes and vocabulary options means that Unity can be accessed easily with eye gaze, switch, head pointing and touch access.

“This update takes a great product and makes it even better,” said PRC CEO Dave Moffatt. “The Unity 2.0 language system improves on the original by making the system even easier than before. Now individuals new to AAC can begin exploring and learning language right out of the box.”

The Unity language system is now even easier to use – and easier to teach.

Building on the key features of the original, the Unity 2.0 language system now includes:

  • Hundreds of additional vocabulary words, for even more independent communications
  • Modernized icons for better recognition
  • Pre-programmed activity sets to help individuals hit the ground running
  • Toolbox shortcuts, for fast, easy customization
  • Easy interaction with Realize Language, PRC’s language analysis tool
  • Robust implementation supports on the AAC Language Lab

Unity 2.0 Downloads

Download the new Unity 2.0 language system to your device (instructions included):

Unity 2.0 Webinar

Want to learn more about the Unity 2.0 language system? Watch our Webinar and get information on new features that make teaching and learning the Unity language system easy!

Please note: Brief registration required.

The Unity language system is flexible and helps communicators of all skill levels learn quickly and build langugage skills for maximum independence. Individuals start with early first words and grow to sophisticated adult communication.

It’s designed for people of all ages who communicate by:

  • Touching the screen with a finger
  • Selecting with their eyes
  • Using a head mouse
  • Via switch

Individuals with apraxia, cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, RETT syndrome, and other diagnoses that involve receptive or expressive language deficits are all candidates for the Unity language system.

To learn more about the Unity language system:

  • Visit the AAC Language Lab, which includes many resources for learning about the Unity system and teaching Unity, including the Unity Curriculum guide.
  • Download the PASS software and to try the Unity language system.


Unity Language System Overview

  • Key options – 4, 8, 15, 28, 36, 45, 60, 84, and 144
  • Easy access to core words, nouns, and routine messages
  • Consistent motor plans for words
  • Two versions:
    • 1-hit – simple language, hundreds of words, limited word endings
    • Sequenced – complex communication, thousands of words with all words endings
  • Word Finder – tells you where a word is located
  • Vocabulary Builder™ – temporarily limits the amount of vocabulary appearing on the display
  • Activity Sets – pre-made vocabulary builder sets designed to use during routine activities
  • Data logging – a tool to help measure and maximize use
  • Pages for remote controls and computer access

The UNIDAD Espanol Language System

Available for speakers of both English and Spanish, the UNIDAD™ Espanol language system, based on the Unity language system, enables identical motor plans for vocabulary in both Spanish and English (36 and 84 locations available). The communicator can quickly toggle between words in Spanish and English while maintaining a consistent motor plan, accelerating learning in both languages.

UNIDAD can be purchased as a stand-alone device configuration or as an add-on to PRC’s Unity Language System for an additional cost, and comes complete with the LAMP Words for Life – Spanish/English language system.

Unity Language System Videos

Click here for more information.


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