key2enable – a-blinX, The Eye Blink Switch


a-blinX – Eye Blink Switch

Communicate with the blink of an eye.

Accessibility with the slightest movement.

Empower yourself in the blink of an eye.

a-blinX picks up the blinking of the eyes to extend the possibilities of interaction of people with severe motor disabilities.


With it, it is possible to write and vocalize sentences in the TelepatiX app to communicate with the people around you.


To use any computer and browse the internet, write and even play using the blink of an eye, just connect a-blinX to Key-X – Multifunction Smart Keyboard.

Even without Key-X, it is possible to connect a-blinX directly to your computer and use specific software that works by scanning, like Windows Virtual Keyboard.


Blinking Detection Switch

a-blinX is a trigger composed of a small electronic sensor that can be easily coupled to the temples of any eyeglass frame.

When properly positioned, the sensor is able to detect the user’s eye blinking, making a temporary electric contact for the execution of simple commands in a computer or electronic device, such as Key-X.

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