LessonPix – Custom Learning Materials at Your Fingertips

Teachers, Parents and Therapists can create…

  • Visuals & Classroom Activities
  • Symbol Cards for Communication
  • Custom Games like Bingo
  • AAC Templates & Overlays
  • and Much More!
  1. Select Pictures
  2. Choose Materials
  3. Print and Use

Materials in three easy steps

Create the Printable Materials You Need: With their symbols or your own photos

  • Easy to Use
  • Web-based
  • Access Anywhere
  • Over 30,000 Symbols
  • Only $36/year

The New LessonPix Sharing Center!

Find great new ideas and share your own!

  • Search Shared Materials from Thousands of Users
  • Instantly use pre-built PDFs
  • Adjust them to your needs
  • Share your own great ideas!


Over 30,000 Scalable Symbols

For use in their materials or your own projects

Unique and Powerful Language Tools

Powerful enough for SLPs, easy enough for Parents, find words and pictures easily:

  1. SoundFinder™ – To target sounds
  2. Minimal Pairs – Isolate sound changes
  3. LetterFinder – Letter of the Week and more
  4. PatternFinder – Sound patterns like CVC, etc.
  5. Rhymes With – Find Rhymes with Ease
  6. Keyword Search – Find any subject


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