Live Life the Koolway


Koolway Sports, formed in 2009 is an innovative Canadian clothier and manufacturer is based in Whitby, Ontario offering a line of outerwear consisting of KoolKoats, blankets, blanket back, hoods, KoolKapes, KoolBoots and accessories tailored to the needs of users of wheelchairs – with very mainstream styling. Our aim has been to provide products that are warm, accessible, fashionable and comfortable and continues to maintain a measure of self-esteem. We have applied our experience in technology and design to create products vastly superior to other solutions, eliminating weather as a barrier. Koolway Sports is proud of its unique products which provide the individual with a garment that makes dressing for the outdoors an easy task rather than an ordeal.

For both individuals and their caregivers, a Koolway Sports Koat helps to maintain the quality of living for people in motion. On initial appearance, the Koolway Sports coat looks like a high-end, outdoors jacket, but closer inspection reveals exceptionally clever details for our clients. The coat features include the Koolway Sports • half-back • high zippered collar • side zippers from the cuffs to the bottom of the side seam for easy accessibility • shoulder openings to accommodate contoured chair straps • media pocket • Kangaroo pouch security pocket • detachable hood • special openings for g-tubes.

The Koolway Sports Blanket Back is an important addition to the product line allowing the individual to continue using their own Koolway Sports coat and blanket. The easily accessible blanket back zipper to the front blanket encases the legs completely maintaining the warmth of the body, while protecting the legs from the weather elements without a lot of bulk.

KoolKapes were designed for the individual who needs a water resistant garment for the quick dash to the waiting transportation or for that short ride between covered areas. Ideal for schools, seniors homes and camps as a stock item. We have expanded this product to accommodate the Scooter user and the KoolKape protects the front driving controls and the back parcel basket keeping the individual and everything else dry from the elements.

KoolBoots are specifically designed as a new alternative for cumbersome footwear. KoolBoots may be worn with or without additional footwear for protection of all weather related elements. KoolBoots are uniquely designed with a back zipper for easy access and to accommodate those clients with AFOs.

KoolBoot features: • Full back zipper
• Outside fabric – Commander fabric
• Inside fabric -Nylon quilted inside fabric
• Washable
• Slip-not grip fabric soles
• Special removable sock for added warmth on extra cold days
• Commander fabric is a water-resistant, 
breathable fabric• 65% Polyester 35% Cotton• machine washable • available standard child and adult sizes • customization upon request

KoolSit-Sak is a special designed blanket with blanket back for the individual who Sit Ski’s. It features a special front opening for the required quick release safety harness and the individual is kept warm and dry with our “Powderfill” insulation and water resistant outer Commander Fabric.

Koolway Sports accessories complete the outerwear line with hats, new designed mitts with reflective strips and coat protector which works with the coat design and unique coat material options.

Kool Kozy Legs – If your legs are cold…here’s a KOOL solution!

• Kool Kozy Legs are wind and water resistant and available in Spring and Winter lining and various insulation
• Kool Kozy Legs will keep ALL your lower body and back warm, cozy and dry
• to be worn under your jacket
• front ribbing
• YKK zipper
• Koolway blanket front zippers from side to side, starting at the top of the blanket
• bungie to tighten the back of the blanket
• Standard inner fleece NOW in dark charcoal
• You choose the colour of your outer fabric in commander
• Reflective tape available upon request
• Blanket back goes half-way up your back
• Slip not bottom
• Kold wash and air dry only
• Made in Canada
• Available in small, med, large, extra-large

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