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About Marbotic

Interactive wooden toys for tablets

Marbotic is a French innovative start-up founded in 2012.

As tech-lovers and education experts, they created the ultimate learning experience mixing traditional wooden toys and touchscreen technology.


Cognitive studies have proven that kids learn best when they manipulate physical objects. It’s also one of the foundations of the Montessori teaching method, which is one of their strongest inspiration.





They all know kids love tablets. But are tablets good for kids? At Marbotic, they believe that if you tap into the full interactivity of the screen, then it becomes a very powerful learning tool.



These are the three basic skills that every kid needs to learn, but why wouldn’t it be fun?





They take great care of every detail, from the design of the wooden blocks to the apps themselves. Young kids absorb so much that we want to give them the best sensorial experience.




Marbotic connected toys are made of quality wood that is also used for Montessori tools. Thanks to the Marbotic technology, they are the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.




This is a connected world and today’s kids are digital natives. As an edtech company, we are convinced that technology can enrich their learning experience.




This is an important ability that they want kids to cultivate. With open-ended activities and sandbox spaces, they can play freely and experiment by themselves.




Kids are naturally creative and they are committed to helping them develop this talent. With their wooden toys, they are free to play with or without a tablet, to invent their own games, with their own rules.



 Marbotic is the company that brought us Smart Letters  and Smart Numbers , sets of 26 high quality wooden upper case letters and 10 numbers that work together with a group of excellent, free literacy apps and with the iPad2 and later. The front of each letter has a metal handle that makes it easy to grasp and press. The back of each has here small rubber-like “feet”, all in varied spots that identify them as particular letters or numbers when they are placed on the screen. A full review of Smart Letters and Smart Numbers and all the Marbotic apps appeared in DISKoveries by Joan Tanenhaus in the April/May 2017, the June/July 2018 and now April/May 2019 issues of Closing the Gap Solutions magazine. 

New from Marbotic :

Deluxe Learning Kit – Learn to read & discover maths

Hi Major Tom! Are you ready to take off and explore the wonderful galaxy of reading and counting? Put your astronaut’s helmet on, get your Deluxe Learning Kit, don’t forget your iPad, and let’s go for a fantastic learning journey!

As tech-lovers and education experts, they created the ultimate learning experience mixing traditional wooden toys and touchscreen technology.

Perfect blend of digital and wooden toys to engage body and mind Created with teachers and inspired by the Montessori method Progressive method that reinforces autonomy and self-confidence

7 Educational Apps

Safe toys for your kids

No Wifi

No bluetooth

No Battery

Gentle to the tablet screen

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