Meet SEE SOUND – The World’s First Smart Home Hearing System


SEE SOUND is a revolutionary home device that identifies and distinguishes critical and convenient home sounds using AI-learning sound models. Once a sound is identified, SEE SOUND alerts you via your smart devices in real time.

Expansive library
Reports on numerous household sounds with an industry-leading accuracy level

Real-time reporting
Listens for both common household and life-threatening sounds that could indicate an emergency

Total control
Ability to personalize device and sound reporting in the app to fit the needs of your home

Smart design
Fits in a 3.2-square-inch space, plugs directly into the wall, and includes WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities






Pinpoints sound location

The more SEE SOUND devices you have in your home, the more focused and precise your reporting will be, targeting the exact room the sound came from.









Sound data at your fingertips

The SEE SOUND app visualizes the sound data, while giving you the ability to customize notifications based on what sounds are important for your home.









Deaf owned and operated

Wavio is led by a passionate group of 3 Deaf entrepreneurs whose vision is to make sound accessible to everyone.








How it Works