Microsoft Education Short Talks Schedule

Microsoft Education Short Talks Schedule 2017-10-13T10:29:37+00:00

Microsoft Education Booth Schedule of Short Talks

Discover Office 365 reading and writing tools with proven outcomes for dyslexic students

10/18 10:35-10:55am

10/19 1:35-1:55pm

10/20 1:00-1:25pm

Enhance productivity for blind/low vision students with new intelligent Office 365 services and Seeing AI

10/18 1:35-1:55pm

10/19 4:35-4:55pm

10/20 10:35-10:55am

Special Educators, try Microsoft Teams, OneNote and Office Lens for collaboration and data collection

10/18 12:05-12:25pm

10/19 3:05-3:25pm

10/20 9:05-9:25am

Discover free, built-in AT in Windows 10 to personalize learning and create in new ways

10/18 3:05-3:25pm

10/19 10:35-10:55am

10/20 12:05-12:25pm


Create accessible and engaging classroom content with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Sway

10/18 4:35-4:55pm

10/19 12:05-12:25pm

10/20 12:30 -12:55pm