NuEyes e2 – Lightweight, Wearable Electronic Magnifier for Low Vision


About NuEyes – What is NuEyes?

NuEyes is the future of wearable technology allowing those with low vision to see and take part in everyday tasks, such as reading and being able to see a loved ones face. NuEyes Smartglasses and VR magnifiers are electronic, lightweight, and compact allowing for hands-free use.

What conditions does NuEyes help?

  • Macular Degeneration
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Ocular Albinism
  • Optic Atrophy
  • Cone-Rod Dystrophy
  • Forms of Glaucoma
  • Stargardt’s Disease
  • Optic Nerve Hypoplasia
  • Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
  • Nystagmus
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity
  • Forms of Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • And other conditions

Their mission

The elderly population is growing exponentially and with that comes higher levels of visually impairing diseases. NuEyes wants to give the visually impaired the opportunity to have a normal life and partake in everyday tasks without their vision disabling them. Everyone has the right to see!

What makes NuEyes products different?

  • Sleek design – Their NuEyes Pro smartglasses are lightweight and compact, weighing only .27 lbs(125 grams). They are all black with a stylish and practical design.
  • Allows freedom – A hands-free device allows the use of both hands while the wearable magnifier enables vision.
  • Speech Recognition – lets wearers use voice commands to improve the image projected through the lenses.
  • OCR/TTS – Optical Character Recognition along with Text To Speech technology will read printed material to the wearer.
  • Activities of daily living – NuEyes wearable magnifiers for low vision are wireless, allowing free and independent mobility in the home and outside. Tasks from cooking to grocery shopping are now made possible.
  • Natural Sight Replicated – The front camera auto focus feature allows automatic focus switching between near and far objects to simulate the function of natural human eyes. Mid-range vision will help in seeing faces or watching TV. Lastly, long-range vision allows sight for far away, such as looking outside a window.
  • NuEyes Pro smartglasses offer magnification up to 12x (additional 2x lens included for distance)
  • NuEyes e2 wearable magnifier offers magnification up to 18x

What activities can I do?

  • Cooking
  • Walking
  • Reading
  • Going to school
  • Watching TV
  • Managing finances
  • Shopping
  • Attend cultural events
  • Travelling on public transportation
  • Seeing a loved one’s face for possibly the first time



The Origin of NuEyes

CEO Mark Greget was working with distributing magnifying boxes for the visually impaired in their homes. A recurring question arose as to why technology had not been created in glasses to do the same thing as the big and bulky boxes. Next came the idea to create a pair of glasses that would fulfill these needs. Soon after Mark started working with different manufacturers for head-worn devices trying to find what was going to be best for the consumer.

NuEyes e2

Headworn Electronic Magnifier for Low Vision that is Evenly Balanced and Comfortable to Wear

Unlike other products that are simply a VR headset smartphone holder, the e2 was designed from the ground up to be evenly balanced on your face for maximum comfort. Because the e2 is a self-contained device, it eliminates the added weight and heat of a smartphone that is simply inside a VR holder. They are the only all-in-one device designed to help the visually impaired with maximum comfort allowing it to be worn for extended periods of time.

3K Display and an HD Camera

The NuEyes e2 delivers unparalleled clarity with a 3K display (1440 x 1600 screen resolution at 90hz refresh rate), 101-degree field of view, HD camera with auto focus and QUALCOMM 835 snapdragon processor.



How Does the NuEyes e2 Work?

The NuEyes e2 was designed to be a device that not only helps the visually impaired but is extremely easy to use. The only thing you need to do is press the power button and put the device on your head.

Because of its 3K LCD screens you will immediately notice how clear the world becomes. The NuEyes e2 is so simple to use that you control the device with just three buttons. Button one lets you select from a variable magnification depending if you want to read, watch TV, or look at a loved one’s face. Depending on your eye condition you use the second button to choose from three different contrast settings. The third and final button is for OCR/text to speech. If your eyes get tired from reading or you experience eye strain, let the OCR or Optical Character Recognition read the text to you!




NuEyes e2 Features

  • Wearable magnifier
  • 101 degree Field of View
  • Auto Focus
  • Easy to Use 3 Button Control
  • Variable Magnification up to 18x
  • Contrast – Normal View, Black on White, White on Black
  • Wireless
  • 4hr Battery Life
  • Lightweight Design
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • OCR/Text to Speech
  • Stream Television and Movies

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