ORII – The Ultimate Voice Assistant Ring


The Ultimate Voice Assistant Ring

Check new messages, control your music, and complete everyday tasks without a screen, all at your fingertip.




Screen Time, Reduced

No need to check your phone. ORII alerts you of incoming messages and calls. With a voice assistant at your finger, you can send and listen to messages, take and make quick calls, all while your phone stays in your pocket.





Music Experience, Elevated

Control your music with ease. Now compatible with Bluetooth headsets and speakers*. Play, Pause, and Skip track are just a tap away. With ORII message readout overlay, you can now stay informed even when listening to your music.

*Android only




Smart Home, Simplified

It’s good to be home – where everything is the way you want it to be. Simply whisper your command on ORII without shouting across the room. Control your smart appliances wherever you are in the house. Need to be quiet? Do it all with a quick gesture.






Gesture & Voice Interface

ORII opens up new ways to interact with your digital assistant. With gestures, voice, and buttons at your disposal, controlling your device screen-free is now more intuitive and accurate than ever.







Assistant on demand
Putting a voice assistant right at your fingertip. Let ORII help you while at home or on the move, so you can focus on what’s in front of you.

Do more with gestures
From triggering your voice assistant, checking time and messages, controlling music, to switching lights off at home – ORII shortcuts it all to a couple of quick taps.

Speak with clarity
Has your headset’s mic ever failed you? Use ORII at close proximity to pick up your voice accurately in loud places, even at a near whisper.

Listening made private
We know it can be awkward to have your assistant talk to you on speaker, for everyone to hear. Now with a touch of the ear, hear it speak to you discreetly.


How to use ORII with VOICE


A single press to wake up your favorite voice assistant.


Touch your ear to experience the magic of bone conduction audio.


The dual noise-canceling microphone can capture your voices even in a loud environment.


Play music
Side double tap plays and pauses your music, in case you need to pay attention to your surroundings.

Voice assistant
Up double tap wakes up your voice assistant, always available at your disposal

Skip track
Down double tap skips current track, no need to pull out your phone to find that song you like.

Message readouts
Double tap on the wrist and raise your hand to hear your messages, no buttons needed!









Custom notifications

Assigned personalized LED colors and vibration patterns so you know what messages you are receiving. Stay connected with those who matter.










Instant messaging

Hear your text messages through your fingertip and compose messages by speaking through a pair of microphones inside. Perfect for sending short texts on-the-go.




Quick calls

Take and make quick calls with just one press of a button. ORII lets you know the incoming call number, so just leave your phone in your bag.





Voice assistant

ORII makes your phone’s voice assistant more convenient than ever before putting it at your fingertip. Wake up your Voice Assistant with a single press.




Their inspiration
The idea for ORII all began with our CEO Kevin’s father, Peter. Peter is visually-impaired and requires screen-free alternatives to interact with technology. Using smartphones can be difficult for him as they are screen-based, touch-based devices so we experimented with all kinds of technology that could help us make screen-free ways of using our phones.

About 21 prototypes later, we created the ORII that you see today. ORII has evolved so much you can barely recognize the very earliest concepts. But you’ll still find them experimenting and digging into hardware, because there’s always so much more to learn!

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