Julie Marzano

Julie Marzano, OT, Occupational Therapist , Fine Motor Boot Camp, Springfield, PAUnited States.

Julie Marzano is an occupational therapist for a school program. Julie is a nationally certified occupational therapist and works and resides outside of Philadelphia with her husband and 3 young children. She has worked in the public school system and now works at an approved private school serving students 3-21 with MANY abilities for 20 years. Julie loves her job and the creative aspect of “thinking outside the box” to come up with solutions from an OT perspective. Along with her identical twin sister Emily, a speech-language pathologist, Julie is the co-creator of Fine Motor Boot Camp business and program www.finemotorbootcamp.net and social media pages and is also the co-creator of the soon to be released oral hygiene and dentist program called Tooth Camp www. toothcamp.net.

Financial Disclosures

Julie Marzano is an independent contractor occupational therapist for CADES school- based program in Pennsylvania. Julie is a co-creators of Fine Motor Boot Camp, LLC where they sell curricula and activities and are paid to present for their consultative services.