Essential Tips 

The importance of planning and preparation cannot be overstated. When you are thoroughly prepared, the topic, the content, and the final recording will reflect it.  Spend a good deal of time preparing the script and practice.

  • Numerous commercially available presentation applications are readily available and easy-to-use including, PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.
  • Set up your webcam and practice
    • Make sure the angle is right and the quality is good. Laptop webcams are great, but be sure that it isn’t viewing you from a low or unflattering angle. A good external webcam can be positioned in the best place possible.
    • Lighting and optics: Make sure the room, the lighting, and your physical appearance is camera-ready. Don’t let appearances or vanity get in the way of being on camera, though. Times have changed and most people don’t expect Hollywood-level video. Keep it casual, confident and  professional, and you will connect with your audience.

Recording Your Presentation

Many of today’s meeting applications (Zoom, GoToWebinar, etc.) allow you to record your meetings and webinars. In addition, free built-in, screen capture tools are readily available on both Mac and PC platforms. If you’re not already familiar with methods to record your session, a quick search online will reveal easy-to-use tutorials to get you up and running.

Before You Begin

  • Quit all other applications running in the background
  • Eliminate external background noise –TV’s, radios, cell phones, etc.
  • Do not “turn on” automatic captioning. Post production captions will be added by Closing The Gap.

Engage Your Audience

  • Use the webcam to introduce yourself to the audience and sign off.
  • It can be very strange to talk into a webcam the entire time. You’ll also want to switch to your slide deck and screen sharing for demonstrations, video, website examples, etc. 
  • Smile and relax. If you’re new to recording, you’ll find that smiling during your presentation can make all the difference.

When it’s perfect, share the recording with Closing The Gap

  • Accepted File Formats: .mp4, .mov, .wmv
Google Drive