Rewellio App – Stroke Therapy Reinvented



The rewellio tablet app is your basis and starting point for all of rewellio’s stroke rehabilitation exercise modules. Download the pre-release version of the app for free now (limited time only).


Apple iPad: min. iOS 11

Other Tablets: min. Android 7


With the rewellio tablet app alone, you get access to a number of exercises and modules addressing different medical indications as seen below. You may simply need one module or you may use them all – train only what’s right for you.





Optional hardware 

The rewellio tablet app can be extended with some very unique and innovative exercises requiring additional hardware, and in the case of the virtual reality headset, an additional VR app also.


rewellio VR app

Virtual reality offers completely new approaches to stroke therapy. Rewellio´s expert team of therapists and software engineers are pushing the boundaries of innovation with this add-on to the tablet app.


Armband / sensors

With EMG Biofeedback sensors, we enable the detection of the slightest, not even visible signals from the brain to the hand. This valuable method may help bring that very first movement back.


This rewellio module was specifically designed to help people overcome their visual challenges after a stroke or a brain injury. If you have issues seeing objects on one side of the room or have a hard time detecting differences between two similar objects this module can help you to train your visual attention and orientation. Furthermore this module and training will help you to improve your attention span.





Visual Attention

Finding pairs and matching them by exploring the affected side of your vision trains your ability to absorb your surroundings and your visual attention.










Visual Attention VR

This exercise stimulates your vision with flying objects in your own three dimensional virtual reality space. As you steer through a series of dice by moving your head, this exercise trains your visual system while you can focus on the game and the next best personal high-score.









VIEW YOUR JOURNEY Track your progress Every accomplishment and development is tracked to help you monitor your progress in your dashboard.








Improve your hand function

This rewellio module was specifically designed to improve the hand function after a stroke or brain injury. If you have suffered from a hemiparesis of the upper limb with no to little gross motor function in the hand – or in other words: if no visible movement of your fingers and wrist is possible or you can’t voluntary extend/flex the fingers or your wrist – you will benefit from the exercises in the rewellio hand movement module. One huge milestone in rehabilitation is regaining the functional use of your hand. Grabbing and releasing objects are your immediate goals and we want to support you achieving them. The traditional therapy approaches for these achievements are mirror therapy and motor imagery.




THEIR TOOL EMG-biofeedback Their EMG-biofeedback module can be used to relearn movement after a stroke. Especially in an early functional stage where no motion is yet visible, their rewellio EMG-biofeedback can provide an extra feedback loop. At a later stage patients with increased flexor muscle tension can learn how they can control their muscle tone.






How it works

The EMG-biofeedback therapy module is designed to detect the slightest signals from the brain to the hand, which would not be visible otherwise. These optically imperceptible muscle activities will be amplified by rewellio and shown by a virtual hand on the screen. Activating and recognizing your arm, hand and paretic side can prevent learned none-use and increase r