RJ Cooper & Associates – Bluetooth Small Switch

BlueTooth Small Switch

“I’m always looking for less expensive but as-functional-as-possible solutions and/or options for alternative control of computers, iPads, Androids, and Chromebooks. Fortunately, most of these have Accessibility for switch built right into the OS these days, at least for some apps.  And my BT (Bluetooth) Small Switch may be just the ticket for that control.” RJ :-)

This 3-inch fairly-light touch switch can be put into 6 modes, easily, by pressing/holding the button down until:

1 red flash = (for special needs apps that are switch-friendly, or Switch Control auto-scan)
2 flashes = (for step-scan)
3 flashes = (Music, YouTube, Pandora, etc.)
4 flashes = (iPad Camera app)
5 flashes = <up/down> (Select for VoiceOver)
6 flashes = (previous item for VoiceOver)
7 flashes = (next item for VoiceOver)
8 flashes = Home

Pairing is simple and persistent.

An optional Mounting Kit, similar to the one for my Say-It Talking Button, is available with its super-Velcro (TM).  This Kit will allow the switch to remain securely on a desk, table, or any positioning arm.

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