Samsung – Caring for the Impossible, A Communication App for the Deafblind


About Good Vibes

Samsung Good Vibes is a two-way communication app that allows the deafblind to send and receive messages with friends, family or anybody else through their smartphones. It translates Morse Code input into text or voice and vice versa.

An app with two interfaces.


For the deafblind
. A deafblind person can send a message from the app by tapping on the screen using Morse Code—where all letters of the English alphabet are combinations of dots and dashes. The letters can be input as short tap for a dot and long press for a dash. Likewise, incoming messages can be understood as vibrations by the deafblind, where small vibration means a dot and long vibration means a dash.

For people with normal sight and hearing. Anyone can send a message, by typing or speaking. It has a standard chat/voice interface that delivers the message to the deafblind person as Morse Code vibrations.


How it works

Understanding Morse Code

Morse code is a type of code that is used to send telegraphic information using rhythm. Morse code uses dots and dashes to show the alphabet letter, numbers, punctuation and special characters of a given message.


Who are the deafblind


Deafblind is a term that is used when a person has a combination of impaired vision and hearing. 
Some are born deafblind, some are only deaf at birth and lose their eyesight in childhood, while others start to progressively lose their hearing and vision into adulthood.

The major causes of deafblindness are Congenital Rubella Infection and Usher Syndrome.

Other causes include Birth Trauma or CHARGE syndrome.

Making a difference


Samsung Good Vibes is developed in association with Sense International India. They are one of the few NGOs in India dedicated to helping the deafblind and sensitizing people about the disability. Samsung conducted workshops with participants from different parts of India. Basis their feedback and expertise, Samsung Good Vibes app is fine-tuned to complement the behavior and capabilities of the deafblind.


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