Sensory Guru – Enable by Design


Sensory Guru – Enable by Design

They optimise environments and experiences for individual needs!

Universal Access

They are passionate about accessibility and enabling people of all abilites to participate and play!

What they do:

  • Interaction Design – They can help you create interaction concepts to enhance user engagement
  • Communication / AAC – They provide a range of concepts and products to help people communicate
  • Assistive Technology – From eye gaze to switching, gesture control to speech, they can help meet your AT needs
  • Environment Design – Optimising spaces for sensory needs is a core aspect of their design thinking
  • Training – They provide training on multi-sensory and communication technology
  • Research & Development – They innovate accessible products, experiences and approaches
  • Software Development – Bespoke software development services for assistive and sensory apps
  • Content Design – Need a game or interactive experience for an event or project, they can help!

They’ll Show You How It’s Done 

If you would like to learn about the latest accessibility tools and sensory design principles for people with learning disabilities and complex needs, they provide high-quality workshops and training aimed to enhance communication and engagement strategies.

Meet their products:

If you are looking for engaging and accessible interactive products for education, healthcare, therapy or play that have been designed to deliver great experiences and enable people to explore their potential, look no further! 



Magic Carpet 

Bring surfaces to life and create an inclusive play environment for people of all abilities






Inclusive Play

Magic Carpet™ is an award-winning interactive projection system that displays motion responsive games and activities on to floors, tables and beds. Magic Carpet™ offers a wide variety of stimulating content that is suitable for multi-sensory exploration, play, learning, therapy and relaxation.





Interactive Floors & Tables

Responsive play surfaces for education, therapy and play

Natural User Interface

Magic Carpet™ removes many of the barriers people face when interacting in mixed ability groups by offering a universally accessible interaction platform. Magic Carpet™ enables everyone to participate on equal terms and helps to create an inclusive play environment.

  1. Responsivity
    The slightest movement over the projected image will cause an audiovisual effect response. User interaction creates real-time communication feedback with the content and allows games and activities to be responsive to body movement.
  2. Interaction
    Magic Carpet™ allows multiple users to interact at the same time using a variety of different inputs, opening up a world of collaborative exploration and play. Output the image to a second monitor to enable eye gaze users to interact with peers that use body movements.
  3. Dynamics
    Magic Carpet™ applications offer dynamic physics capabilities allowing movements to interact with virtual objects in a realistic way. Physics properties can be adapted so that small movements can be amplified to create a larger audiovisual effect.
  4. Stimulation
    Magic Carpet™ caters for a wide range of needs with applications designed for early stimulation, exploration and engagement. From simple coloured effects to realistic fish ponds, quizzes and games, Magic Carpet™ provides variable stimulation levels for the needs of a wide range of people.
  5. Kinaesthesis
    Participants use their limbs and body to interact with the content, helping to enhance their sense of movement while shifting position, orientation and reaching out to interact with game objects. Magic Carpet™ is designed to get people moving and exploring their environment in a safe way.

Why Magic Carpet?

Supporting individuals with complex needs is Magic Carpet’s primary use case

Everyone Plays

Magic Carpet™ provides an inclusive play experience for people of all ages and abilities and supports a wide range of inputs and controls!


Magic Carpet™ provides an inclusive play experience for people of all ages and abilities and supports a wide range of inputs and controls!


Interact with variable stimuli, visuals and sounds that respond when you move. The system also responds to objects, so you can use tactile objects to en