simPODD – App and books in one. Simple!


App and books in one. Simple!

Using PODD is now simpler than ever. This user-friendly app makes communication more intuitive and printing faster. From the makers of Proloquo2Go.

Easy to use AAC

simPODD is the only iPad app for PODD which combines both the digital page sets and a printing interface in one app.

Personalizing the app, editing and managing your books and page sets is now much easier. simPODD saves you time and effort and makes it easier to just start communicating!

The yearly subscription includes full access to the digital page sets and printing interface, and saves you money over time – two months free, compared to the monthly subscription.

An AAC app for children, teens and adults

Their app in action

Easy to use app with guided set up

App designed specifically for PODD, with editing options and navigation totally intuitive. We listened to parents and speech therapists to create an experience which solves a lot of problems people have had using PODD before.

  • All of the PODD digital page sets: 15 Preschool, 15+ Preschool, 15 School, 15+ School, 60 Complex Syntax, 60 Expanded Key Word
  • Editing page sets has been totally simplified and streamlined
  • Features the well-loved SymbolStix library, which Proloquo2Go users will recognize

Simple to print

The only totally integrated app with printing interface for PODD, which saves the hassle and time of switching from one program to another to prepare your PODD book. Printing is available with a yearly subscription.

  • Export your book in just a few minutes
  • Print the entire book in one go – instead of page by page!
  • Save your PDFs and print them as many times as you want. Everyone in the PODD communicator’s life can use one!

Your app your way

Your app should be as unique as you are. Not only is editing and personalization quick and easy, we also have a wide range of vocabulary options, dialects and voices available.

  • Regional dialects, including extra Australian vocabulary
  • 40 natural-sounding Text to Speech voices, including their own children’s voices.Includes Australian, British, American, and other regional dialects. Download as many as you want – no extra cost for extra voices!
  • Choose your subscription based on the features and price that work for you: yearly, with access to digital and print, or monthly with access to digital


Quality Text to Speech voices

simPODD lets you be you. Choose from 40 voices, from friendly adult voices to genuine children’s voices with Australian, American, British and more regional accents. The voices are created using real recorded speech, so they sound surprisingly natural.

Listen to Olivia (AU)

Listen to Emilio (US EN)

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