Speech Sounds Visualized – Now Added 3D Animation


Visualize Speech to accelerate Learning


Created by a Speech Language Pathologist, the Speech Sounds Visualized app increases engagement and learning by showing how sounds are formed through unique x-ray videos and animation.


Switch between innovative x-ray videos and 3D animations to see how speech sounds are formed


Recording capability to master sounds, words, and sentences


Training which begins at the sound level and advances through sentences


Written instructions provided by a Speech Language Pathologist

An APP for Pronunciation

Speech Sounds Visualized is an interactive teaching tool for Speech and Language Pathologists and educators that is unlike any other!

Want to see exactly how the English speech sounds are made? Simply select the sound(s) you wish to visualize, then watch the stunning x-ray videos accurately show how each sound is formed in the mouth. In addition to the unique x-ray images, we also provide incredible 3D animations for each and every sound.


Written instructions describing how each sound is formed are provided by the Speech Language Pathologist who created the app. Additional features, including recording capability, enable app users to reach expected outcomes earlier. The R-package is especially useful for anyone working to conquer this extremely challenging sound!

Speech Sounds Visualized is currently available through the App Store and on BlinkSession teletherapy platform.


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