Symplify – See you later, laminator


Symplify – See you later, laminator.

Powerful linguistic tools & communication-rich games for speech and language therapy.

What is it?

Symplify is an online toolkit for speech and language therapists, schools, nurseries and families.

You can use it to find the perfect target words and symbols for each client, then use them to create bespoke games and activities.


Smart word-list creation

Effortlessly create target word-lists for each client – choose from over 20,000 Widgit symbols.

Example list: /st/ initial verbs


Comprehensive search tools

Use their powerful linguistic search filters to find the perfect words for every single session.


Communication rich therapy games

Use your selected target words and symbols to play bespoke games.


Engaging two device gameplay

Run interactive therapy sessions between two devices (therapist and client).


The’ve just announced that they have just launched their free online Symplify training!


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