Talk To Me Technologies & AbleNet – They Both Bring Speech to Life!


Talk To Me Technologies and Ablenet made this possible for Kathryn Hill. What a great family!
She’s using the speech-generating device Zuvo 12 HD and the Ablenet Rock Adapted Joystick.

Zuvo™ 12HD

Speech-Generating Device

For children and adults with complex communication needs.
(Autism, cerebral palsy, ALS, stroke, aphasia, down syndrome and other diagnoses.)

Approved by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance programs. These models are dedicated/locked and do not permit access to features other than communication/speech generation.

Simple yet Powerful

Say what you want! Communicate with speed and confidence using this extra-large, easy-to-use, speech-generating device! The innovative detachable speaker can be easily removed and placed on a table or worn around the neck for easy, face-to-face communication.

Who is the Zuvo™ 12HD for?

The Zuvo™ 12HD is an ideal communication solution for children and adults with significant communication difficulties resulting from autism, cerebral palsy, ALS, down syndrome or anyone needing a lightweight, portable communication device.

Communication options range from very simple, symbol-based vocabulary sets to more advanced keyboards, incorporating word and phrase prediction, as well as core word and phrase-based pages. Exclusive page sets incorporate the research of Dr. David Beukelman, Dr. Diane Nelson-Bryen, Dr. Elizabeth K. Hanson and Barbara Collier.

Lightweight and Flexible

Take the Zuvo™ 12HD anywhere! It’s lightweight, durable and portable! The Zuvo™ 12HD is easy to carry and its compact size makes it a great fit for individuals needing a lightweight, portable, speech generating device. Many different access options available such as eye-tracking, head-tracking, trackball, switch scanning and more -making it a great solution for users with difficulty accessing the touch screen.

Features and Available Options

  • Windows 8 operating system.
  • Easy to see, bright 12″ display.
  • Lightweight – only 2.75 lbs.
  • Intelligent word prediction option – enables faster typing/communication.
  • Abbreviation expansion option enables faster communication.
  • Communicate all day with 9+ hours of continuous use.
  • Easy backup/restore.
  • Carry case and shoulder strap included.


  • Loud-powerful voice output makes it easy to be heard in noisy environments.
  • Natural sounding male, female and child voice options from Acapela.
  • Detachable wireless speaker (range of up to 30 feet).
  • Digitized (recorded speech) – great for voice banking and verbal emoticons such as laughter, and other personal expressions. (Record many hours of digitized messages and sounds.)


  • Touch screen.
  • Head-tracking.
  • Mouse alternatives (trackball, joystick, etc.).
  • Scanning using one or two switches.
  • Attach/mount to wheelchair, table, bed etc.
  • Custom keyguards available.

Rock Adapted Joystick

The Rock Adapted Joystick features functionality of a traditional mouse in a joystick that requires minimal hand movement. Includes 3 interchangeable joystick handles – a straight stem, a T-bar, and large soft ball.
All the functionality of a traditional mouse, including left/right click and double-click, in a joystick that requires minimal hand movement for precise cursor control without fatigue. Includes three interchangeable joystick handles – a straight stem, a T-bar and large soft ball.

  • Large footprint for stable operation and wrist support
  • Symmetrical design allowing use with either hand
  • Color-coded buttons mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental activation
  • Customizable left and right click buttons
  • 2 switch input jacks for single-switch access to left/right click buttons
  • Color-coded buttons (left/right click, drag-lock and double-click)
  • X-Y axis and Scroll button for up/down or left/right only cursor movements
  • Four cursor speed control settings with memory and auditory feedback
  • Auto detecting PS2/USB protocols
  • Plug-and-play PS2 and USB connections (no additional drivers required)
  • PC and Mac compatible

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