You asked and they delivered!

They take feedback seriously. When you asked if they could take the powerful, flexible zuvo 12HD-D with eyespeak alli camera you love and make it more portable, with no exposed cords and a FLEXstand™ so it could be used without a mount, they said “yes!”

After obsessing over every detail, they’re proud to reveal their all NEW device. 

  • No exposed cords
  • FLEXstand and mount plate
  • Built-in Eye-tracking, zuvo Control ECU (Environmental Controls)
  • Switch Access
  • 4.8 lbs.

Picture of zuvo

Ready for everything you want to say and do.

Whether you’re a young learner, a tech whiz or somewhere in between – your device will speak your kind of language. At the heart of the zuvo 12HD-D with eyespeak alli camera, GRID 3 communication software powers the widest range of vocabulary and access options available.

Picture of a boy using the zuvo device




Everything you need to begin teaching and learning language is included. Exclusive vocabulary, like Their Universal Core and QuickStep suites are research based and field tested with early communicators, speech therapists and families.

Layouts are Intuitive and easy to edit. Pair vocabulary with their lesson plans (or yours) to spend less time preparing and more time teaching





Beyond Speech
zuvo 12HD PLUS**

Picture of a living room Equipped with zuvo Control ECU (environmental control unit), you can use your eyes to control your phone, TV, lights and more from your device. Almost anything that plugs into a wall outlet can be controlled with the zuvo 12HD PLUS with eyespeak alli camera. You can also control your smart speaker right from the device.

You can listen to music, access the internet to add to your story on Instagram and Facebook, browse the Washington Post, or write your own book and publish it (like Darla Burns; Author of Riding Sideways, My Journey With ALS).