Starting today, learning braille is going to be fun.

Just play Taptilo to read and write braille.

What is Taptilo

Wireless Braille device that syncs to your smartphone using Bluetooth along with a partnered application to teach and learn Braille reading and writing.
Wi-Fi model for classroom setting is also available.

Why is Taptilo so brilliant?

  • One-to-many instruction

    No more one-on-one teaching. You can teach many students at the same time.

  • Play & Learn by oneself

    taptilo offers 5 different self-study modes including game which allows anyone to learn Braille.

  • Refreshable & Auto spelling check

    Taptilo’s Braille moves up and down automatically and it can check spelling of vocabulary

  • Durability and Safety

    This product is made with durable and safe materials which means it is safe even for kids to chew and play with.

  • Study progress tracking with smartphone

  • Hundreds of pre-programed vocabularies

  • Contents update available

In the video below, a smiling young girl plays independently with Taptilo, creating words by pushing the braille dots up to make the desired letter then placing the correct braille tile on the top row of the Taptilo device.  This adorable child then presses the button on the right side of the device to hear if she is correct.  In the kitchen, the mother uses the Taptilo app on her phone to send one word at a time (“play” and “easy”) to the device.  On the iPhone, the word is displayed in both print and braille dots.  When the word is displayed in braille on the bottom row of the device, the little girl’s face lights up.  She immediately begins to duplicate each braille character and creates the word.  In the next scene, the mother encourages the little girl as they sit together on the floor in the family room playing Taptilo together.  The next scene is a teacher using an iPad and four young students who are blind are sitting at a square table, each with their own Taptilo game.  The teacher sends the desired word (“learn”) and the students intently create the word in braille using individual Taptilo tiles.  One student accidently knocks a Taptilo tile onto the floor.  The teacher picks up the tile and places it in the student’s hand.  The last student scene shows a student’s hands pushing in the Taptilo braille dots to create a letter.


Main Features

1. Jumbo braille
Easy to scan and read braille

2. The block with 6 pins
Fun to play and write braille

3. Teaching mode
App and mobile connection

4. Self-study mode
Embedded software

5. Learn Alphabet, Number and 850 Basic Words with Taptilo.
In Taptilo, there are 850 selected basic words from ‘The Basic Spelling Vocabulary List’ written by Steve Graham and two more professors. Steve Graham is the Warner Professor in the Division of Educational Leadership and Innovation in Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.


(Self-study/Teaching Mode)

Selected word will be displayed and read out.

Selected word will be displayed and read out. Trace the Braille word and try to match the blocks then Taptilo will check the spelling.

Selected word will be read out. Listen carefully and try to spell the word using the blocks then Taptilo will check the spelling.

Make your own word using the blocks then Taptilo will read the word. 

Self-study mode : Random word
Teaching mode : Selected word
Try to spell the scrambled word using the blocks then Taptilo will check the answer.


 Alphabet : A – Z
 Number :  1 – 20
 Short words : 2 – 4 letters word
 Long words :  5 – 9 letters word
 Type, Write : Input your own word


Taptilo Full Package

A smart braille learning device

Free shipping within the US.

Starting today, braille learning can be fun. Make braille education easy and fun with a smart device!

About the product:

• Jumbo braille – Easy to scan and read braille.

• The block with 6 pins – Fun to play and write braille.

• App and mobile connection – Easy to teach and anyone can teach.

• Embedded software – Fun to play, self study and learning.

• Make alphabets and numbers in braille by pushing and pulling 6 pins.

• With jumbo-size pins, it is good for beginners and fun to start learning braille.

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