The Ultimate In Active Seating For Pediatric to Adult Clients

One chair, many lives.

Therapists everywhere tell us the Rifton Activity Chair is perfect for feeding, speech therapy, active learning, and for clients with sensory processing challenges. Not only that; parents see what it can do for their child in the classroom and realize how much they need it at home, too.

Rifton’s clinical positioning chair has revolutionized active seating. Versatile, adaptable, durable – this is a chair therapists designed.


The Benefits:

Tool free adjustments, while client is in the Rifton Activity Chair.

Wide range of optional accessories available to create an adaptive chair providing customized active seating for your client – whether in early intervention, school, home, rehab or day hab – from the client with autism to one with more involved physical challenges such as cerebral palsy.

Two Chair Base Options:
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Hi/lo base for easy transfers, optimal positioning, and instant access to any activity.

Standard base for regular classroom use and ideal for students with autism who need calming through self-generated motion (self-stimming).

Jeremy’s caregiver can tilt his chair forward simply by squeezing two levers at the back of the chair.
Transfers are a cinch with foot–pump height adjustment and easily removable armrests.

All Rifton Activity Chairs have tilt-in-space, which encourages sit-to-stand and resting positions. Tilt-in-space can be activated tool-free while your client is in the chair.
The standard base tilts 15° forward and 15° back while thehi/lo base tilts 15° forward and 25° back.In addition to tilt-in-space, every Rifton Activity Chair’s backrest angle adjusts 5° forward and 20° back.


Adjust the tilt–in–space angle by squeezing two levers at the back of the chair, as shown.

Handwashing made easy: tilt ’n go!

And when it’s time to relax in the middle of a busy day, that’s easy too.

Spring option

The optional seat and backrest springs on the Rifton Activity Chair standard base (and the backrest spring in the hi/lo base) allow for calming through self-generated motion – ideal for clients with autism. The spring column can be locked when not in use.

The spring column can be locked and unlocked by turning the white twist-lock collar.

Once his caregiver has unlocked the spring, Mateo calms down by bouncing and rocking.

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