Vibes can be life changing

Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs are an extremely helpful tool for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other sensory disorders. Sensitivity to sound can make everyday activities difficult, painful, uncomfortable, and impossible. The standard option for defending against loud noises have been foam earplugs and over-ear earmuffs, but these solutions are unsightly, uncomfortable, and inhibit the ability to hear clearly and interact socially.

Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs lower volume to more comfortable levels, while still allowing you to hear your environment with clarity. With Vibes, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other sensory disorders, can comfortably experience environments that would otherwise be painfully loud, while still being able to hear clearly and engage in conversation. Additionally, Vibes’ clear-as-glass design makes them virtually invisible, thus avoiding the stigma that is associated with wearing bright, visible hearing protection in public.

Vibes are attracting international acclaim from features in Autism Parenting Magazine to a heart-warming CBS News story about helping individuals on the autism spectrum enjoy activities they previously couldn’t, due to their sensitivity to sound.

Vibes are great for

  • Movie theaters 

  • Restaurants

  • Parties

  • Classrooms

  • School cafeterias & assemblies

  • Crowded city streets 

  • Airports and airplanes

  • Public transportation

  • Any uncomfortably loud environment!


Vibes are reusable earplugs designed for sound quality. Traditional foam earplugs are only decreasing the volume of high frequency (treble) sounds, but not low frequency (bass) sounds, which is what causes the sound that you hear to be distorted when you wear them. On the other hand, Vibes lower the volume of all sounds equally, from bass to treble, which allows you to hear sound clearly, just at a quieter volume.

Unlike traditional foam earplugs that block and muffle sound, Vibes filter sound. Using specially designed sound tubes that balance sound waves, and sound-enhancing acoustic filters that reduce decibel levels, Vibes allow you to protect your hearing health and stay comfortable in loud environments that would otherwise cause discomfort and hearing damage.


Our modern world is loud. Until relatively recently, the loudest sounds in the world were things like a lion’s roar and claps of thunder, so we never had a need to be able to process sounds louder than that. Now, when we encounter sounds like giant speakers at concerts or race car engines, our ears become strained and our ability to hear is damaged, because they aren’t designed to be able to handle sounds that loud. Vibes allow you to experience the loud world we find ourselves in safely and comfortably, without inhibiting your ability to hear or communicate.

What Vibes owners say

“Having Meniere’s disease makes my ears ultra sensitive to sound… Vibes earplugs have been a life changer. For real. They cut out all the loud background noise while making it possible for me to hear the people around me talking. I highly recommend them.”

“My daughter has Asperger’s and is VERY sound sensitive. She is stepping WAY outside of her comfort zone and going to a prom which of course will have loud music. Of course, she doesn’t want to look obvious with them in. These are going to be a big help!”

“These are AWESOME for my twin boys who both have auditory sensitivity due to their autism. Much better than giant noise cancelling red headphones!”

“I’m Autistic. Any part of my day that can’t be spent with my hands clamped over my ears is hellish to a greater or lesser degree. I’m wearing these to the grocery store, when I meet a friend for coffee, when my husband is watching TV. My mind becomes my own again.”

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