Voice4u – Symbol-Based Communication App For Those Who Have Speech Challenges


Voice4u is picture-based communication app for those who have speech challenges. There could be countless reasons of why individuals may be struggling with impeding communication; autism, stroke, language barrier, or traumatic brain injury. Voice4u is portable, customizable, and easy-to-use communication tool unlikely from conventional AAC communication devices. With Voice4u, you can easily bridge the communication gap and have a more better and accurate understanding of the individual’s wants and needs.





Easy To Use

Their user-friendly interface lets you use Voice4u immediately upon downloading. Take Voice4u with you anywhere and anytime. Try it with a number of accessibility features such as Guided Access.









Create Your Original Icons

You can make a new icon in less than 5 seconds in any languages. Create as many as you need using your own photos and voice. The app can also automatically select an image, a category and record voices in 30+ languages by machine learning algorithms.









180+ Pre-loaded Icons

Icons with easy-to-listen to, clear voice organized in 11 categories that helps user’s self expression. It comes with numerous of vivid and memorable specially designed images that can help assist and improve language.









Create icons that fit the needs of each and every family member. Very easy to change images and voices of icons and create a sentence, a social story or a visual cue. Voice4u is not just for children with autism, but for all people with communication challenges.



Switch Friendly

Start using the app with an external switch immediately after download. It is very easy to setup. Available for all models of the iPad and iPad mini.





Print Icons From the App

Print your icons with just one tap. Everything is wireless and without complicated settings. Save hours of your work when making laminated cards. You can have both digital and paper icons so easily and quickly.








Wireless Backup & Sync

Wirelessly backup and sync data all devices you own. You data is stored securely and easily restore onto all of your devices.






Voice4u AAC in Action

How to use Voice4u AAC






1. Basic Usage

Choose the category and icon you need after starting the app. Voice4u AAC will read aloud when you tap the icon.












2. Adding Icons / Categories

You can add new icons with words you use frequently in a few easy steps. Also, Voice4u AAC allows you to add and edit categories.












3. Editing Icons / Categories

You can edit icons/categories with your favorite images from websites and your camera roll. Also, you can change the voice by recording.








4. Reordering Icons / Categories

You can reorder the icons/categories as you want. Place them in any order that works with your needs.






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