Voicea – Smarter Meetings. Faster Follow-Up.


Smarter Meetings. Faster Follow-Up.

Voicea is a voice collaboration platform powered by an Enterprise Voice Assistant named EVA. EVA is an AI that takes commands, performs actions and captures highlights in meetings to share them and create actionable recaps. With EVA on conference lines, on calls, or in-person, you can focus on the conversation knowing EVA will capture and share whatever you highlight. Turn talk into action with Voicea.

EVA Takes Your Commands

Voicea enables you to have your own AI in meetings to capture key takeaways and turn talk into action.  EVA takes Voice Commands to create reminders, tasks, answer questions and provide meeting recaps.  For example, say “Okay EVA, remind me to send the presentation to Tom, Thursday at 4pm” and watch EVA go into your calendar to create a reminder.  Voicea is the leader in developing a voice assistant solely for use at work, customized to your needs for increased productivity and better team collaboration.

EVA captures key takeaways and meeting highlights

Easy to use

Add eva@voicea.com as a meeting attendee or sync your calendar and EVA will auto-join any meeting with a dial in. You can also open the mobile app and start a recording for in-person meetings.


EVA works in any type of meeting – conference calls, direct calls and in-person meetings. You can view a live speech-to-text as well as all your past meeting minutes anytime through a desktop or the mobile app.


Voicea connects what happens in your meetings to the rest of your collaboration workflow, pushing notes and action items through email, Slack, Salesforce and taking basic voice commands to execute specific actions.


You can customize what EVA is identifying as important, or tell EVA directly. The highlights are tailored to you and your business. Make sure what gets captured is important for you.

















EVA works for all your meetings



Customer Meetings

Activate the “voice of the customer. Let EVA take notes and bring the meeting to your team. Clear up confusion on actions or follow up items. Make sure your entire team knows what needs to get done.



Internal Team Meetings

Internal status or stand-up meetings are full of actions to be taken. Make sure everyone knows what needs to get accomplished, even they weren’t in the meeting. Give the meeting life after the hour it was held.




Status Meetings

Automatically update your systems like Salesforce or Slack with status across the entire teams without lifting a pen.



Research Meetings

Never miss a detail in any research meeting or focus group, and never ask someone to repeat themselves when they have a brilliant thought that you wish you had captured!




Ensure candidate interviews enable a full 360 degree view of your potential new hire. Allow all the interviews to hear the thoughts of the candidate directly. Share notes and make sure you hire the best person with the full consensus of your team.

For Individuals

Voicea is a tool for you to maximize and activate your meetings. You spend as much as 75% of your work day in meetings and another 40% of your work day following up. Yes – in case you didn’t notice, that’s more time than you have in a single work day! With EVA in your meetings, you can focus on the conversation and maximize that time. EVA captures the highlights and makes it easy for you to collaborate with others after the meeting.

Voicea takes what’s said in your meetings and turns it into action

You focus on the conversation. Before the meeting, add EVA so it can capture the important moments as you direct it with voice commands and trigger words. After the meeting, share the highlights and minutes to make sure you and your team all have the accurate info for follow up.


Voicea’s top features

Voice commands

Direct EVA to capture highlights, take actions, create reminders, and more. Voicea Voice Commands are updated weekly to increase what EVA can do in your meetings

Customizable triggers

In addition to general voice commands, customize your own “keywords” that EVA will listen for and mark as highlights in your meeting recap

“Off the record” recaps

If you aren’t comfortable with a meeting recording, use EVA in this special mode where you get accurate highlights without the post-meeting recording or transcript.

Full meeting minutes

Standard mode provides a full meeting recap, playback and editable highlights that can be pushed to where you and your team get work done.

Team channels

Organize and share meeting content with specific members of your team. You can’t always bring everyone to every meeting, but you can bring the meeting to your team.


Use Voice Commands or post-meeting sharing buttons to push highlights and key takeaways to wherever your team gets work done. 15 integrations live with more to come.


Teams For Enterprise

Companies spend as much as $9 Billion a year in meetings and follow up. They invest in tools for collaboration, but they overlook the most important and highest percentage use of time for collaboration – meetings. Voicea turns meetings into actions. Let EVA – the enterprise voice assistant – attend your meetings, capture the important highlights and deliver them to the teams required to get work done. Voicea is a productivity tool for teams that can harness voice to create actions.

Voicea gives life to your meetings after they are over so teams get work done

You focus on the conversation and let Voicea activate the content of your meeting for your team. Let EVA capture the highlights and provide minutes to your team so everyone can be more productive and get stuff done (#GSD).


Voicea “Teams” top features

Integrated applications

Integrated with top calendar management, web conference and collaboration tools, to work seamlessly alongside the tools your business is already using.

Business insights

Analyze key actions taken from your meetings. Better understand the intent of your team’s actions and how much you increased productivity.

Administrative controls

Manage access for team members, meeting permissions and retention policies for your meeting data. Maintain control over your meeting content and put it to work for you and the team.


Data is encrypted at rest (AES-256) and over the wire (RSA 2048). Meeting data is stored on S3 and AWS where it is protected using server-side encryption and transferred over a secure TLS connection.


EVA in sales meetings

Not every meeting is a sales meeting, but when it is you want to make sure you don’t miss the important details. It takes a lot of people to follow up, so make sure they all have what they need.



Automatically share the meeting notes

EVA will email you the notes and can auto-update Salesforce. Your entire team will have the same details, even if they couldn’t attend the meeting with you.

Organize the follow up better

When you get back to the customer, respond in detail to what they discussed and close the deal faster without asking for clarification or to repeat what you discussed before.





EVA in project meetings

Your internal team meetings are just as important when it comes to your productivity, so make sure EVA is capturing the takeaways and actions on these meetings and pushing out the highlights afterwards.

Group highlights based on items that require follow up

Categorize highlights to break out important moments that require follow up “action item” from “decisions” that you simply want to be able to reference at a later date.

Easily track deadlines

Quickly find any discussion around deadlines or critical dates under “Dates & Timeframes” in the insights tab.

Rally your team to follow up on action items quickly

Share action items with individuals or teams in Slack to move on action items quickly.


EVA in interview meetings

If you spend time interviewing people, either on the phone or in person, you know how much detailed information gets talked about. The little nuggets of wisdom that come up are invaluable to you, as well as to others on the team.



Revisit important moments

You don’t ever have to go back and ask someone to repeat themselves when you can simply go back and review what they said. Never miss an important detail by re-reviewing what was discussed.

Unify the whole team

When it’s impossible to bring every member of your team to each interview, you can bring the interview to each member of your team and have them focus on the area that is important to them.

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