Wayband – Navigation through TOUCH


Who are they?

WearWorks is a design company that created haptic technology to deliver richer, safer, and more intuitive navigation experiences for individuals of all sights. This includes and is not limited to commuters, travelers, marathon runners, cyclists, skiers, the blind, and the visually impaired.

What are they doing?

Their first product, Wayband™ by WearWorks,  is a wrist-wearable navigation device that guides individuals to a destination using only vibration.

WearWorks’ high-definition experiences deliver detailed and nuanced information using the sense of touch as a communications channel.

The Problem

Current methods of navigation are heavily dependent on channels of visual and auditory communication.

For the blind, the existing ecosystem of the dog and cane helps with obstacle detection, not navigation. Initially, there is a complex process of learning how to find your way, which limits everyday experiences. Audio navigation detracts from one’s ability to listen to surrounding environments-a critical ingredient for safe and successful navigation.

For athletes, travelers, and adventurers, experiences like training for a marathon, skiing a black diamond, or visiting a foreign city could be smoother and more enjoyable.

The Wayband uses their patented haptic technology to offer individuals a greater sense of independence, confidence, and freedom to explore.


How does it work?

WearWorks has developed a Haptic Language that is both deeply complex yet intuitive. Their patented Haptic Corridor™ gently orients an individual toward their destination with incremental tactile cues and turn-by-turn navigation along the way. Leveraging trusted mapping infrastructure and utilizing a custom app created specifically for both sighted and sightless screen interactions, the device connects with an individual’s smartphone and allows input through voice recognition and gestural controls.

WearWorks focuses on touch, a sense we can all utilize, to create an inclusive experience that goes beyond sight.




WayBand App – Tell the app where to go

The app is fully accessible for the Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) and does not require vision to use.





Virtual Corridor

“If you feel no vibrations that means you’re going in the right direction. As soon as you step out of the corridor, you feel a vibration, indicating that you should step back into the corridor.” – Simon Wheatcroft, Blind Ultra Marathon Runner


Simon Wheatcroft Blind Ultra-Marathon Riunner

WearWorks has partnered with LowVisionMD to help individuals with significant eye diseases bringing new hope to those suffering with low vision.

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