Writing Unified English Braille and Braille Mathematics on the BrailleNote Apex

Photo of BrailleNote Apex

As the 2016 school year begins, it is important that students are prepared to use their technology to its fullest potential in order to allow them to focus on the classroom content rather than troubleshooting their technology. The BrailleNote Apex, and its well-known suite of KeySoft applications, ensures that your student is prepared for any classroom subject with immediate braille access. Whether they are writing in Unified English braille (UEB) in a literature class or doing their math assignments with Nemeth or UEB math braille, the BrailleNote makes it simple to provide a sighted teacher an immediate print copy of the student’s work.

Click here to view a video explaining how to type in Nemeth braille on the BrailleNote Apex. (Audio version)

Click here to see how to use the Apex’s symbol selector as a teaching tool for quick memorization of braille symbols. (Audio version)

Click here to see how to create a print copy of a math assignment.(Audio version)

Have a great school year!

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