Session Proposals

Closing The Gap will consider proposals for one-hour or multiple-hour sessions that describe and/or demonstrate successful applications of assistive technology for persons with disabilities. 

Proposals are invited that report results of current applications; research; development of hardware, software or adaptive devices; model programs or procedures used by and for persons with disabilities. 

Proposals for sessions that demonstrate the use of software programs, mobile apps, adaptive devices or the innovative use of assistive technology are highly encouraged – especially specific how-tos, tips and tricks and product comparisons. 

Proposals should focus on practical applications, implementation strategies and best practices, rather than theoretical discourse. 

Proposal content should be supported by evidence and should include quantitative performance data. 

Proposals for open forums in which participants discuss, comment openly and share ideas and opinions relevant to a primary subject or focus are also encouraged.

Because the median assistive technology sophistication level of Closing The Gap Conference participants advances each year, Closing The Gap encourages proposals for sessions directed at persons who are actively using assistive technology in education, rehabilitation, vocation or independent living – typically intermediate to advanced level users. 

Closing The Gap recognizes the continued need for introductory activities as well, and will select a range of proposals that meets needs across the assistive technology experience continuum and facilitates a balanced interchange between special educators and rehabilitation professionals.

Session Recordings and Live Q&A

In offering to present a paper, it is expressly understood that if accepted:

  • Presenters are required to provide a pre-recorded session to Closing The Gap conference organizers by September 1, 2020. View recording guidelines.
  • Select Presenters will be chosen to host a Live Q&A (based on your presentation(s). One-hour Live Q&A’s will be scheduled between November 9-11, 2020 at the discretion of conference organizers.
  • A PDF handout and short quiz (multiple choice and/or tr