Empowering Independent Interaction With The World


Meet Danielle

A vibrant, creative 27-year-old who loves music, art, photography and puzzles

Danielle lives on a beautiful lifestyle block in New Zealand with her father. She’s assisted by a number of incredible carers who support her in her day to day activities, as she lives with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is non-verbal.


Before Thought-Wired got involved, she could communicate “yes” by looking up and “no” by looking down. Her therapists and support staff also put together a series of images on an iPad.

She had tried a number of different types of assistive access and communication technologies available to her, but none matched her specific access needs.

They spent a year co-designing Nous with Danielle and her support network and teaching her how to use her blinks to communicate. The co-designing ensured that what they were building was user-centred.


Eventually Danielle’s new communication system was funded and delivered: Grid 3 by Smartbox and Nous installed on a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Danielle uses Nous on a daily basis to play games, communicate, complete puzzles, create artwork… even take sneaky photos of her dad while he’s snoozing.

It’s the first time she’s been able to independently communicate in her life, and we’re so excited to see what the future holds for her.

What were some of the benefits that her SLT/P and OT observed?

  • Danielle was completely relaxed during use, where as for other switch access that requires physical exertion has caused her whole body to spasm
  • The device can be used whether she is lying down or in her wheelchair and doesn’t require special positioning, whereas jelly bean switches and eye-gaze do
  • Danielle can hit physical switches but has trouble stopping because of her condition, this wasn’t the case with Nous
  • They liked that Nous can be easily connected to existing software and hardware systems, including other switch access methods

Empowering independent interaction with the world

Nous™ is a wearable blink switch for people with severe physical disabilities.

The assistive solution that enables access to communication and self-expression.


Works by detecting purposeful blinks

Minimal effort, easy to use.

A gentle, natural movement is all it takes to access assistive software.

No more straining, stretching and sweating to hit that switch.

Intelligent software that adapts uniquely to you

Nous uses artificial intelligence to learn what your purposeful blinks look like, and ignores everything else.

They know that comfort is crucial, so you can still blink naturally. There’s nothing else like it.

Nous is an extension of you

Supports any body position and environment.

Communicate and interact comfortably while lying down or sitting in any position.

It’s an access solution for indoors, outdoors, and one day even outer space…

How does Nous work?


Nous is both hardware and software. The hardware component is a soft headset that houses the sensors which measure your blinks.

Everyone’s blinks are different, and vary throughout the day. The Nous software intelligently understands what a your “blink signal” looks like before you start using it as a switch access method.



“Nous has given Kassidy an opportunity to show people what she is capable of, which  means she is treated age and skill appropriately. She was happier and more confident within herself and hopeful that we were on the right path towards getting to know her wants and desires better.”

Tracey Gates, mother of a young adult with Cerebral Palsy

“My patient has been using intentional blinks to communicate for years and to date any ‘’blink’’ switch always required hard blinks that were either too tiring or too difficult. Nous was different as it allowed them to use habitual, intentional blinks to control scanning to access communication software.”

Lise Bleu, Occupational Therapist

“As long as you can blink purposely you can use this device. I love that it gives people the opportunity of having a voice. It gives people the ability to express themselves.”

Courtney Coe, Occupational Therapist


Why Nous?




Co-designed with therapists, people with disabilities and their support network.

Nous is loved by people with all types of disabilities. From motor neuron diesease, to cerebral palsy, brainstem stroke and spinal cord injuries.

If you can blink, you can use Nous.




Nous works seamlessly with your software

Use Nous with all of the most popular communication apps available on Windows OS such as SmartBox’s Grid 3 and Tobii Dynavox’s Communicator 5.

Do even more by using Nous to connect with any apps that are switch accessible, such as the Windows on-screen keyboard, and cause and effect games!