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The Perfect Planner For People with Special Needs



Introducing, MYABILITIES by FamTeck – the next bestselling time management application for people with disabilities and learning deficiencies.

Effective for medication reminders

Taking your medications at the right time of day may help them work better by knowing exactly what to take and when to take them.

Features included […]

The Perfect Planner For People with Special Needs2019-08-19T08:33:56-05:00

MN Department Of Human Services Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division



Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division is excited to announce the launch of a new website!

The new website is organized around the most common concerns of people who are deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing:

  • Living with hearing loss: Quickly connect to information that […]
MN Department Of Human Services Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division2019-08-16T08:31:58-05:00

The Tek RMD – Change your perspective, not your home



A Brand New Platform

The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device is not a wheelchair alternative, but a brand new mobility platform that completely reimagines the way individuals with paraplegia and other walking disabilities are able to move in the world. The ability to independently and safely sit, stand, and navigate environments that […]

The Tek RMD – Change your perspective, not your home2019-08-14T08:30:44-05:00

Convo – The Evolution of Interpreting



About Convo

As a Deaf-owned company, their understanding of human connection is different than most. In a rapidly-advancing world, technology is often developed on the basis of spoken language. They offer a different perspective: universal communication solutions that just feel right.

Video Relay Service Interpreters That […]

Convo – The Evolution of Interpreting2019-08-08T07:57:39-05:00

Forbes AAC – Environmental Controls Systems



Their approach for a complete Environmental Control System starts with a thorough needs assessment to understand all the determining factors in setting up a finely-honed system.

Upon completing this crucial first step, Forbes AAC will design a system that best benefits the end user and their specific needs. The next step […]

Forbes AAC – Environmental Controls Systems2019-08-08T07:43:04-05:00

Freedom Scientific – Ruby HD



Crystal-clear Image in a Lightweight Handheld HD Video Magnifier

The RUBY HD combines high-definition camera technology with a lightweight body to bring you crystal-clear images in a small package. The 4.3-inch screen and built-in LED lighting provide magnified high-contrast images with no distortion. Its streamlined design means it can slip comfortably […]

Freedom Scientific – Ruby HD2019-08-07T11:50:28-05:00

AbleNet – The New TrackerPro 2 Head Mouse



The NEW TrackerPro 2 head mouse provides reliable hands-free mouse control for individuals who are unable to use a traditional computer mouse. The smooth and pixel precise cursor control of TrackerPro 2 opens a world of possibilities for the user. An individual can use communication software, browse the internet, read […]

AbleNet – The New TrackerPro 2 Head Mouse2019-08-05T08:19:17-05:00

Zoomax USA – Snow 12



Zoomax Snow 12 is a portable video magnifier that delivers true visual independence for people with low vision. It features a unique foldable stand that elevates Snow 12 so that you can more easily read, write, look at objects or even perform full-page scanning using the powerful OCR and text-to-speech. […]

Zoomax USA – Snow 122019-08-02T10:12:21-05:00

Wayband – Navigation through TOUCH



Who are they?

WearWorks is a design company that created haptic technology to deliver richer, safer, and more intuitive navigation experiences for individuals of all sights. This includes and is not limited to commuters, travelers, marathon runners, cyclists, skiers, the blind, and the visually impaired.

What are they doing?

Their first product, Wayband™ […]

Wayband – Navigation through TOUCH2019-07-31T08:33:02-05:00

American Printing House for the Blind – Code Jumper



Code Jumper

Code Jumper™ is the newest innovation to assist children, regardless of their level of vision, in learning computer coding and programming skills through a unique, physical system. Developed by Microsoft® and distributed by APH, this educational toy bridges the skills gap and opens up the world of coding to […]

American Printing House for the Blind – Code Jumper2019-07-29T08:27:52-05:00

Prizmo will be your Eyes – Universal Scanning and OCR. For Everyone.




Scan to PDF with advanced editing, OCR, and text-to-speech

Optimized for latest iOS.

Prizmo 4 supports iOS latest features like Handoff, Extensions, and access to Documents (input / output).

Prizmo 4 supports Handoff and lets you seamlessly continue editing from one device to another. It currently works on iPhone and iPad, […]

Prizmo will be your Eyes – Universal Scanning and OCR. For Everyone.2019-07-26T08:31:47-05:00

Conover – Functional Skills System



Functional Skills System®

An online program that uses video modeling to help learners function independently in their homes, schools, communities and workplaces.

When we think about independent living, we sometimes forget that tasks we consider basic can be challenging for others. For some, going on a shopping trip, using basic literacy skills, […]

Conover – Functional Skills System2019-07-24T08:40:11-05:00

Bamboo Brace – World’s Best Performing Dynamic Elbow Brace For Children & Adults With Special Needs



The Bamboo Brace is a dynamic elbow splint for children with special needs that encourages extension of the elbow at more favorable angles in order to learn gross and fine motor skills as well as prevent undesired oral/facial interaction.

The Bamboo Brace is sold with 5 flexible and interchangeable support stays […]

Bamboo Brace – World’s Best Performing Dynamic Elbow Brace For Children & Adults With Special Needs2019-07-22T08:19:11-05:00

CanDue – Executive Function is a Challenge. Make Homework Planning Easier.



Executive Function is a challenge. Make Homework Planning Easier

With input from educators, technology experts, students, and parents, CanDue’s software will prioritize and plan–allowing students the ability to focus on academic content while reducing frustrations.

  • Help – Helps students prioritize, plan and schedule their homework plus provide crucial reminders
  • Plan – Replaces planner with […]
CanDue – Executive Function is a Challenge. Make Homework Planning Easier.2019-07-15T09:14:49-05:00

Smartbox – Alpha Core is here!



Alpha Core is here!

Smartbox has got a new text-based vocabulary in Grid! Alpha Core is designed to help people with changing physical abilities to communicate, such as those with ALS.  You’ll find seven different keyboards to choose from – each offering quick access to prediction, built-in apps and a range of useful […]

Smartbox – Alpha Core is here!2019-07-17T08:35:51-05:00

Edgemate Pool Chair – Your Front Row Seat To Fun



Edgemate Pool Chair – Your Front Row Seat To Fun

Safety, comfort and convenience all at the pool’s edge. The innovative EdgeMate pool chair makes it possible for virtually anyone to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool. Durable and easy to use, EdgeMate arrives fully assembled and ready for all […]

Edgemate Pool Chair – Your Front Row Seat To Fun2019-07-15T08:18:33-05:00

Lingraphica is Your Partner for the Journey



Lingraphica is your partner for the journey

They are the leading provider of AAC Devices, Language Apps, and Online Therapy Software

AAC Devices

Lingraphica’s communication devices are Medicare-reimbursable and covered by many private insurance plans. Designed by clinicians and backed by research, Lingraphica’s AAC devices are packed with more than 9,000 words and […]

Lingraphica is Your Partner for the Journey2019-07-12T08:40:49-05:00

Special iApps – Award-Winning Educational Apps



Special iApps

Proven to encourage many areas of a child’s development, they are supporting children with their education worldwide.

About Special iApps

Special iApps is a non-profit social enterprise founded by Beverley and Colin Dean in 2011 after they couldn’t find the apps needed to teach their youngest son William, who has Down syndrome […]

Special iApps – Award-Winning Educational Apps2019-07-10T07:44:47-05:00