MIO – Physical Therapy for the 21 Century


Physical Therapy for the 21st Century

MIO combines the simplicity of an iOS app with wearable sensors to give accurate range of motion measurements, real-time exercise feedback, and 3D movement tracking.

What is MIO?

MIO is a complete PT solution that automatically measures ROM, analyzes body movements, and provides built-in games/exercises to improve patient rehabilitation and decrease recovery times.

Introducing MIO Therapy

MIO integrates advancements in wearable technology with traditional PT exercises to better help patients.

Increased Patient Adherence

Reduced Time to Recovery


Save on Healthcare Costs

Accurate ROM & Angle Measurements

MIO Sensors


Stick or strap the sensors to virutally any major body part. Every movement of that body part and continuous ROM of the joint will be tracked/recorded!



Cutting edge wearable technology.

Industry leading motion sensors that are easy to stick or strap on anywhere. Our 9-axis IMU provides unprecedented accuracy in tracking limbs and joints in 3D space.



Precise Measurements for Any Limb or Joint


Stick or Strap Anywhere

Just attach the MIO sensors to any body part with our supplied stickers or flexible straps and you’re ready to measure, collect, and record all motion from that area.

Accurate Measurements

MIO sensors are extremely accurate, with a typical error rate of < 3°. Compare this with traditional goniometers, which have error rates of 5-10°.

Supports Most Body Parts

MIO sensors already support most areas of the body, including the wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, neck, spine, and shoulder. Additional support is added through free updates.



Technical Specs.

Processing Power

Class-leading Nordic Cortex-M4F ARM CPU.

Ultra Light

Weighs 0.2 oz (including case, board, battery).

9-Axis IMU

Advanced motion sensor with sensor fusion for up to 200hz data streaming.

Unobtrusive Design

Sensor measures approximately 1.1 x 1 x 0.4 inches.

Onboard Flash Memory

8MB of flash memory for extended data collection.

Week-Long Battery Life

100mAH rechargeable battery lasts 5-7 days under average use.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Latest Bluetooth LE 4.2 standard with up to 100 feet range.

Made in U.S.A.

MIO sensors are 100% designed and manufactured in California.




Better engage patients with games, exercises, or free-form 3D mode. View patient measurements, progress, range of motion data, and history at any time.





Better engagement, better data, better results.

Increase patient engagement with guided games and exercises. Incredibly accurate, always-on measurements. Review daily, weekly, and historical data anytime.



Freeform Mode

Realtime 3D motion tracking and feedback.

Precise Data Captures

MIO gives you the ability to stream and record 3D motion data at 10 samples per second, providing a very precise picture of what your patient is doing at any moment.

Independent Axis Tracking

For complex joints, each axis of movement is tracked independently. E.g., the wrist flexion/extension and radial/ulnar deviation are time synced, but data separated.

Exercise Mode

A fully customized and interactive experience for your patients.

Increase Adherence w/Goals

Gamified session goals for your patients help them be more interactive and responsive. Set goals based on their individual ability and current progress.

Customized exercise routines

Build customized routines for your patients from an ever growing collection of important exercises for each joint or limb. Currently supports 7 major body parts & 20+ exericses. New updates regularly.

Patient Review

Review previous and historical data to evaluate patient performance.

Session Summary

The app’s session review cards automatically summarizes the most important features of your data sets such as: Max/Min ROM, average ROM, Session Length, Reps Completed, and more.

View Your Data Over Time

MIO lets you easily view a patient’s progress over time and help make better, more consistent decisions or recommendations on their recovery.

MIO Cloud



Automatically stores and backs-up patient sessions. Log in anywhere to view and download range of motion or exercise data. Unlimited storage.








Never worry about patient data again.

Automatic patient data backups, unlimited cloud storage, and a place to view or download your sessions.





Perfect for Research Scientists and PT Clinicians

Automatic Data Backup

All your MIO sessions will be automatically uploaded and backed-up to our HIPAA compliant servers. No more concerns about losing or saving data ever again.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

There’s no limit to the number or size of sessions you can store on our cloud servers. You’ll enjoy unlimited data storage with all of our subscription plans.

View and Download Raw Data

Our dashboard offers an easy way for you to view or download any of your stored sessions. Access and save the raw data for any session as you please.

Perfect for Physical & Occupational Therapists

MIO is the preferred tool for researchers, private practices, and clinical studies for ROM measurements and rehabilitation exercises.

Why should you be using MIO?

MIO sensors are capable of highly consistent angle and ROM measurements with greater accuracy than traditional goniometers.



Better Measurements & Data

Hold your clinic to a higher standard of care and improve patient outcomes by leveraging more accurate measurements using our sensor based system.

Our auto-generated stats and reports better enable unbiased, data-driven decisions when it comes to patient progress and recovery.









Increase Patient Adherence

Studies have shown that MIO sensors can substantially increase patient compliance. Early tests showed a potential 20-80% improvement in post-operative retinal surgery patients.








Estimated Provider Spending in the Year after First Treatment for Lower Back Pain
Using a virtual physical therapy assistant such as MIO can save an average of 27% per patient over traditional physical therapy.


Lower the Cost of Recovery

Researchers found an average cost savings of $2,745 per patient treated using virtual physical therapy instead of traditional physical therapy.

MIO brings the effectiveness of traditional physical therapy into the 21st century by combining wearable sensor tech and augmented reality, making PT cheaper and more engaging.


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