Tuesday, October 18, 2022

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Photo of Beth Poss.

Neurodiverse learners, including those with Autism, ADD/ADHD, executive function, or emotional disabilities juggle a myriad of social-emotional challenges due to the nature of their disability and the way neurotypical society often responds to their neurodiversity. Beyond their disability, these individuals may be dealing with adverse childhood experiences, trauma, bullying, and the challenges of living in a world impacted by a global pandemic. In this hands-on workshop, you will explore evidence-based practices addressing executive function needs, stress management, and effective communication. Examine how to integrate these practices as a part of a multi-tiered system of support to both prevent and overcome challenging behaviors and to address the responses of others to behavioral triggers. Participants will make at least three projects including visual supports, fidgets, and soothers during the session. Find ways to bring mindfulness into learning and home environments, and even take a moment to de-escalate your own stress during a busy conference.



Registration Notes:

In addition to the workshop fee, this workshop carries an additional $20 materials fee.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of this activity participants will be able to
• Identify the 5 core competencies of social-emotional learning
• Locate at least 3 tools and resources that can be used to prevent or de-escalate challenging behaviors
• Explain 3 strategies that support students in mediating their own emotions and emotional responses to challenging situations