MasteryConnect – Stop ‘collecting’ Student Data. Start using it.


Stop ‘collecting’ student data. Start using it.

MasteryConnect is the assessment platform designed to show performance data in an intuitive, visual way. Because assessment data is only valuable if you can use it to immediately improve teaching and learning.

Ensure that assessment data is used at every level, from the district office to the individual classroom, with easy-to-use tools and integrated reporting that delivers the right data at the right time.




Formative Assessment

Create and launch formative assessments to get immediate feedback about what your students know and don’t know relative to any set of standards. Then target interventions and adjust instruction in the moment.







Benchmark Assessment

Easily create benchmarks using item authoring tools or integrated item banks for teachers to deliver and score in the classroom. Set proficiency targets, measure growth and incorporate benchmark data into the formative process.







Curriculum Planning

Map your standards and curriculum across the district with common assessments and resources, enabling wider collaboration. Update and deploy maps in a snap, and save time by building on them year after year.







Teacher Collaboration

Fuel your PLC with collaborative tools, like common assessments and comparison reports, to gain insight into best practices, learning trends, and instructional approaches. Search the online community to collaborate and share quality standards-aligned resources.





Identify levels of understanding, target students for intervention,
and improve learning and instruction.

Assess and track mastery of state and Common Core standards. Know what your students know in real-time.

Pin and upload resources aligned to standards. Share resources in a curriculum map and in student playlists.

Share and discover common assessments in a global professional learning community.

Save time with instant grading tools: tablet, mobile device, web browser, and GradeCam™ bubblesheet scanning.



Mastery Tracker – Designed with the teacher in mind.

Through MasteryConnect’s MasteryTracker, teachers can effectively assess core standards, monitor student performance, and report student mastery to parents and administrators.

  • ASSESS WITH ANY CONTENT – Use multiple choice, rubrics, oral assessments, writing assessments or any curriculum or content type.
  • CURRICULUM MAPS – Mix and match standard sets, create custom standards, and easily drag and drop standards into any sequence.
  • STATE AND COMMON CORE STANDARDS – Convenient ‘View Standards’ links helps teachers stay focused on teaching and assessing core standards.
  • INTEGRATED STANDARDS RESOURCES – Easily view resources and content tied to both state and Common Core standards.
  • RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION (RTI) – With simple reports and the mastery tracker, identifying students for tiered interventions has never been easier.
  • REAL-TIME MASTERY STATUS – Visualize student performance relative to the core with the traffic light approach of red, yellow, and green mastery status.
  • MULTI-STANDARD / BENCHMARK ASSESSMENTS – Administer district-created or teacher-created benchmark assessments. Utilize third-party item bank content.
  • STANDARDS-BASED STUDENT REPORTS – Integrated standards-based reports provide real-time information about mastery to students and parents.
  • REMEDIATION / RE-TEACHING – With focus on individual standards, teachers can easily identify which students are struggling to understand a concept.

Common Assessment Creation & Sharing – Common assessment sharing is FREE for all teachers.

Teachers sharing common assessments saves everyone time. Share assessments of any curriculum type such as multiple choice, open-answer, rubrics, writing and oral assessments.

  • UPLOAD ANY DOCUMENT TYPE – Assessments can be uploaded in any digital format including Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or OpenOffice.
  • AUTOMATICALLY ADD TO THE MASTERY TRACKER – Instantly add assessments to your mastery tracker for immediate grading and feedback.
  • POWERFUL FILTERING & PEER REVIEW – Powerful filtering tools help you get to the best and most used assessments. View assessments that have been peer reviewed by teachers just like you!
  • FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT ITEM BANK – Easily create custom benchmark / interim assessments and standards-aligned common formative assessments. MasteryConnect offers third party item banks as well as the ability to import item banks that you create.
  • DISCUSS AND COLLABORATE – Take your PLC online with discussion tools around common assessments, standards, and data.
  • MODIFY AND REMIX ASSESSMENTS – Download and modify teacher-created open educational resources (OER) to make valid for your class. Re-upload and share back with the community.
  • PRIVACY CONTROLS – Maintain control over the privacy of your assessments and keep private to yourself. Share assessments within just your school/district, or share with the entire MasteryConnect community.
  • TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED ITEMS – Deliver technology enhanced items (TEI’s) on tablets, mobile devices, and through a web browser. Prepare students for the new PARCC and SBAC assessments.

Resource Pins – Pin and discover standards aligned resources.

With familiar pinning tools, easily find resources that have been aligned to both state and Common Core standards. Upload your own resources to curriculum maps and share pins in student playlists.

  • DISCOVER STANDARDS ALIGNED RESOURCES – Quickly filter “pinned” resources by standard. Re-pin to your own pin boards.
  • UPLOAD IMAGES, DOCS & VIDEOS – Grab an image or video from any website, or upload a document in Microsoft Office, PDF, or OpenOffice format.
  • PLAYLISTS FOR STUDENTS – Flip the classroom! Create playlists for students of pinned resources.
  • PIN FROM ANY WEBSITE – Use the Pin Resource bookmarklet or Chrome extension to pin from any website. Or pin directly from a URL.
  • CREATE RESOURCE BOARDS – Pin and re-pin to your own boards. Create a collection of pins based on alignment, class, material-type, or any category you choose.
  • CONNECT RESOURCES TO CURRICULUM MAPS – Align materials and resources in your curriculum maps and share the maps with your team.

Learning Community – Teachers can join the Learning Community for FREE!

MasteryConnect takes the work out of practicing a Professional Learning Community and lets teachers create their own Personal Learning Network.

  • PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK – Create your own personal learning network and follow other teachers.
  • PRIVATE MESSAGING – Send direct messages to teachers in the Learning Community and have private conversations.
  • NEWS FEED – Check your news feed often to stay up to date with the teachers you are following.
  • PERSONAL PROFILE PAGE – Share your bio, school, and other information as well as let people see your news feed activities.


Grading Tools – Time-Saving Assessment Tools give teachers their time back.

MasteryConnect’s assessment tools provide multiple ways to give formative and benchmark/interim assessments, and makes grading automatic and fast. Scores appear in real-time right in your MasteryTracker.

  • GRADECAM™ BUBBLE SHEET SCANNING – Scan plain paper bubble sheets right from your web or document camera and grade instantly!
  • BUBBLESHEET ASSESSMENT APP – Go paperless and give assessments that you create on any tablet or mobile device. Deliver any assessment item type including technology enhanced items.
  • INSTANT DATA & REPORTING – Get immediate feedback through instant reports such as item analysis and real-time mastery reports.
  • MASTERYSCAN APP – Scan plain paper bubble sheets using the camera on your iPad with the FREE MasteryScan App.
  • BROWSER ASSESSMENT & SCORING – Give assessments through any web browser on a Mac or PC and instantly score in the MasteryTracker.
  • GRADEBOOK / SIS EXPORT – Automatically export scores to ANY gradebook or Student Information System.

Reports – School/District Reporting for teachers, parents, and admins.

Get real-time information right from the classroom about standards that have been taught and assessed. Teachers can easily compare and collaborate around data driven by common assessments.

  • COLLABORATE AROUND COMMON ASSESSMENT DATA – Empower your team conversations by providing reports to compare common assessment data.
  • MULTI-STANDARD/BENCHMARK REPORTS – Reports for multi-standard & benchmark assessments provide the ability to compare data across standards.
  • PARENT COMMUNICATION – Parents can easily view the standards being assessed as well as the student mastery and progress of each standard.
  • STANDARDS REPORTS – Easy-to-read charts and graphs show real-time progress of core standards that have been mastered, and student progress over time.


Integration Ready – Synchronizing roster information, demographics and other key data for reporting.

Data and single-sign-on API’s allow you to connect your MasteryConnect data to school and district dashboards or data warehouse systems.

  • STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (SIS) INTEGRATION – SIS integration works with most major systems out there and is included in your purchase of MasteryConnect.
  • DATA WAREHOUSE & EXPORT API – With our simple REST API, you can quickly connect to all your assessment data and pull that data into other systems such as a data warehouse.
  • LTI INTEGRATION – Seamlessly connect with any LMS platform with LTI 1.1 support.


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