Wearable Gesture & Motion Controller with AI


Wearable Gesture & Motion Controller with AI

Tactigon is a programmable wearable to enable gesture control for robots, PC games, VR/AR, computers, 3D printers, drones, apps, and more.Great for work, great for games

Great for work, great for games

Ergonomic design like a glove but easier to wear. Elegant and light as a bracelet but as technological as a smartwatch. A work tool that you can not do without.

Wearable Gesture Control Specs

The Tactigon Skin’s compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it an easy to gesture controller.

Artificial Intelligence 

Enjoy increased performaces in gesture capture and motion recognition thanks to its Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

Easy Connectivity

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Interfaces, connect T-Skin to a variety of devices including smartphones, laptops, and drones.

Accurate Motion

Measuring linear and angular motion in real-time along with magnetic and pressure readings provide precise movement accuracy.

Build in Arduino IDE

Whether downloading apps from our Sketch Arena or writing your own, find new reaches for your own gesture control.

4 Programmable Keys

Tactile keys allow for different command combinations based off of finger placement to toggle modes, inputs and features.

Robust Battery Life

Hidden in the ergonomic design is a 155 mA rechargable battery that can run your T-Skin for up to 8 hours consistently.

New User Experience with Tactigon

T-Skin is a natural extension of your hand. It is not a glove or bracelet, but a tiny device for many applications: Robotics, Drone, AR and Human Interface. T-SKIN is redefining and simplifying the way of business man during presentation, the experience of the interaction with robot, drone and AR.

Make your own gesture controller with T-Skin

It is ready-to-use, thanks to their application marketplace: free download of APPs for different types of use such as 3D CAD, gaming, augmented reality.

  • App Download
    Their Sketch Arena offers ready-to-use sketches to be loaded on The Tactigon and T-Skin. You can contribute with your app too!

  • Load on the T-Skin
    After device drivers installation you can connect Tactigon Skin with an USB cable. Click Upload and in few seconds the chosen app will be running!

  • Enjoy!
    The Tactigon Skin is a programmable device: you miss some details on an existing app? Edit or create your own using Arduino IDE!



Innovative controllers to match

The Tactigon ONE is the core of T-Skin: is programmable and can be used by different types of users: students, teachers or professionals because it is compatible with Arduino IDE. Design your application and embed it thanks to the reduced sizes of The Tactigon board!



Augmented Reality with 3D Print

Control your 3D Printer with AR Glasses and
T-Skin. Interfaced to OctoPrint to get printer and
job status, and assisted bed leveling

Windows, Linux and MacOS Drivers

Through this drivers use T-Skin as a gesture controlled mouse, with possible extensions for
CAD software and presentations

Humanoid Robot Controlled With Gestures

Use two T-Skins to control with your hands movements and gesture of an humanoid robot and its arms.

Quadcopter Control With Gestures

APP to interface T-Skin to a Raspberry Pi board,
with an external 2.4GHz antenna to control a quadcopter

Raspberry Pi 3B Interface With BLE

APP to interface T-Skin to a Raspberry Pi board,
with an external 2.4GHz antenna to control a quadcopter

Robotic Arm Control With Gesture

Gesture controller application for a robotic arm. Robotic device will follow movements of your arm.