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WayAround – Information at Your Fingertips




WayAround is the app for your smart device that provides on-demand details about everyday things. The simple tag-and-scan approach lets you quickly and easily identify things around you. It also provides extra details, like how something works or when it expires.

The result? Doing more of the things you want, with more confidence […]

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Hello OCR Intelligence, Hello READIRIS 17 for MAC



Readiris 17, the PDF and OCR solution for MAC

Test Readiris 17, PDF and OCR publishing software (optical character recognition) for MAC. Do you dream of an intelligent PDF and OCR solution to intuitively manage your documents? You’ve found it.

Readiris 17 for MAC allows you to […]

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Caroline’s Cart




Caroline’s Cart is a shopping cart created for special needs children. It provides parents and caregivers a viable option to transport a child through a store while grocery shopping, without having the impossible task of having to maneuver a wheelchair and a traditional grocery cart […]

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ZipZac – Explore. Adventure. Freedom.



Their Story

Zchair LLC is a company dedicated to helping children with special needs to have the ability to experience greater freedom by providing the means to explore their world around them with mobility devices.

The original ZipZac® was created in 2010 for […]

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BrainPort Vision Pro



BrainPort Vision Pro

The new BrainPort  Vision Pro is a 2nd generation oral electronic vision aid that provides electro-tactile stimulation to aid profoundly blind patients in orientation, mobility, and object recognition as an adjunctive device to other assistive methods such as the white cane or a guide dog.

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Positions Are Personal – One Person, One Chair, One Position



Positions Are Personal

One person, one chair, one position.

Why Positioning Matters

They improve user’s safety, comfort and function.

Position matters

A wheelchair user whose torso is falling to one side, whose feet are at different heights, who is hunching forward, cannot fully use her abilities. And however little movement she had to begin with, […]

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Did You Leave the Stove On?



iGuardStove – The Automatic Stove Shut Off Device

The iGuardStove is a must for anyone who wants the peace of mind knowing their family is safe.

  • Automatically shuts off the stove after 5 minutes of no one being in the kitchen

  • Manual Timer for longer periods of uninterrupted cooking for roasts or stews

  • Convenient locks disable […]

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Voice4u – Symbol-Based Communication App For Those Who Have Speech Challenges



Voice4u is picture-based communication app for those who have speech challenges. There could be countless reasons of why individuals may be struggling with impeding communication; autism, stroke, language barrier, or traumatic brain injury. Voice4u is portable, customizable, and easy-to-use communication tool unlikely from conventional AAC communication devices. With Voice4u, you […]

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Skoogmusic – Skwitch: Push the Button




Skwitch is the brand new musical instrument from Skoogmusic. But we think it is so much more.  Think of it as Skoog’s compact, nimble little brother. Or sister. And it clips straight on to your iPhone, so within […]

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The Future of Speech Therapy – Apps for Speech Language and Communication



Over sixty apps for children and adults!

Smarty Ears was founded in December of 2009 by Barbara Fernandes, a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association. Smarty Ears was the first company to create apps geared towards speech therapy for mobile […]

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Prehensile Technologies – Robotic Overbed Table and Wheelchair Mounts




RoboTable is a robotic overbed table for beds, recliners, and wheelchairs.  It allows a user to independently deploy, position, and store mobile devices using a remote or accessible switches from a bed or chair.


RoboDesk is a robotic wheelchair mount for mobile devices.  It allows a […]

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Optelec Compact 6 HD Speech is More Than Just Another Electronic Magnifier



The Compact 6 HD Speech is more than just another electronic magnifier. Being only 14 mm thin, it is a pocket-sized, 6-inch touch screen magnifier that reads texts aloud, whether it is at your desk, at a store, at home, at school, or at the office.

Speech on the go

Point the […]

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Leckey – I’m Ready to Go, MyWay!



MyWay is the NEW upright movement device from Leckey, which is all about providing children with maximum opportunities for interaction, exploration and participation in a supported, upright position. With MyWay, children can say “I’m ready to go, MyWay!”

MyWay has a […]

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Adaptivation Incorporated – VoicePal Levels Switch Keypad



VoicePal Levels  is a four-level customizeable, natural-voice communication aid. Record your voice for messages to be played by direct selection using the on-board keypad, by plugging adaptive switches (not included) into the external jacks or by scanning, either visually or auditorily. Customize the VoicePal Levels ™ keypad by slipping a […]

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Firefly – Scooot 4-in1 Mobility Rider



Scooot is a configurable 4-in-1 mobility rider.

It’s designed to help children with special needs play, explore and participate in a way that best suits their physical and cognitive abilities. 

Your child will benefit from the experience Scooot can provide them with – whether that’s being at floor level, being able to […]

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Scewo Bro – Say Yes to Boundless Freedom



Scewo Bro – Probably coolest wheelchair in the world.






Hello My Friend!

Do you have a Bro? A close friend you can always rely on? This is exactly what Scewo Bro stands for. Bro, colloquial for Brother, convinces by his diversity. He is a multitasker, an […]

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Tranquil Atmosphere with Bokawoka Bubble Tube



Bubble Tube With Platform

Create a tranquil atmosphere with their Bokawoka Bubble Tube with Platform in your sensory. Featuring a padded platform and safety wall bracket, kids can curl up and get close while enjoying the soothing lights, sounds, and vibrations this bubble tube has to offer.

  • Control lights and colors with […]
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