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Discover the best app for speech therapy.


Hear your kid’s first words


Designed with speech-language pathologists, Sago Mini First Words boosts your child’s communication skills through fun and engaging learning games.

Sago Moni characters




Practice speech with playful learning games


Feature1 Mimic Repeat Master 1649875312



Mimic, repeat, master!

First Words utilizes interactive videos to help kids learn articulation and pronunciation from peers.




Feature 2 Curated Learning Milestones 1649875322



Curated Learning milestones

Designed by experts for children at varying developmental levels, including speech and language disorders.




Feature 3 Strengthen Speech Skills 1649875333



Strengthen speech skills

Educational mini-games and video build your child’s vocabulary, comprehension, and confidence




Feature 4 Be Part Of The Story 1649875343



Become a part of the story

Reinforce the words and phrases learned through fun stories that help solidify the content






Hundreds of mini-games and activities, with new ones added monthly

Many mini games


Features for both parents and kids

 Speech Levels 1647895694


Perfect for all development levels


 Offline Playing 1647895724


Play on the go


 Multiple Devices 1647895752


Use across multiple devices


 Activities 1647895806


Learn hundreds of new words


 Child Learning 1647895835


Child-led learning


 New Content 1647895867


New content every month


 Speech Experts 1647895893


Designed with speech experts


 Kid Approved 1647895921


Kid-approved topics



TORONTO, April 7, 2022 /CNW/ – Spin Master Corp. (TSX: TOY) (www.spinmaster.com), a leading global children’s entertainment company, announced that its Sago Mini studio has partnered with Otsimo, a developer of game-based learning apps for children with special needs, to release a new app focused on early speech development. Designed with speech pathologists, child psychologists and early child development experts, Sago Mini First Words™ provides children ages five and under with a customized learning experience, strengthening critical language skills through enriching activities, playful mini-games, and interactive videos.

Read more here –  Spin Master’s Sago Mini® Studio Collaborates with Otsimo On A New Speech App for Children: Sago Mini First Words™


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