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What they do

Ground breaking multisensory educational games for PreK-5 students with kinesthetic & learning analytics.


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Engagement & personalization


Technology-rich classroom environments with highly stimulating, game-based interventions. Personalized activities based on IEP goals boosting motivation, increasing student achievement, attendance, and improving motor skills and academic performance.







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Movement based learning


Integrates occupational therapy tasks with academic learning activities and makes education more efficient & effective. Teachers and OTs achieve more in less time, as they facilitate instruction effectively and they work with more children in groups.







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Evidence based practice


Kinems works with universities in the US and EU and validates the effectiveness of the novel multi-sensory movement game-based learning approach. Based on pre- and post-test we measure the impact on academic performance and the improvement of students visual motor skills.



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Progress monitoring


Tracks and monitors student growth on both motor and learning skills, making vivid the details of interventions delivered and the moment by moment impact on student improvement.









Story Flights – Kinems Learning Games

Story Flights offers a lively, full-body interactive game that helps children practice  their reading comprehension skills. During play children are challenged to manipulate a small dragon that flies over the mountains and collects items. Along the dragon’s path, there are stops where children are asked to read (or listen to) grade level texts in order to answer questions about the text and win points.



How it works

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Step 1


Based on the IEP goals and the individual needs of a child, Kinems will help you to select the appropriate games and get started before you even know it.





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Step 2


While the students exercise with the games, get real-time reports with learning analytics and body performance visualizations.







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Step 3


Based on the reports, fine tune the difficulty level of the academics and the body activities, keep the students engaged to work on their IEP goals.














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Step 4


Monitor IEP goals, and export data documentation for each student to share with parents and administrators. It’s as easy as child’s play.









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Step 5


Access your student’s data from any device at any time, using your web browser.



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