AngelEye Series – AngleEye Smart Reader and AngelEye Smart Glasses


AngelEye Smart Reader

Another way to explore

AngelEye Smart Reader redefines the possibilities of reading with the cutting-edge computer vision and the artificial intelligence technology. It is portable, easy and integrated with the function to read printed text from any surface and recognize money.

Point Gesture



Low-power Processor

2 Hours

High-resolution Camera




Point Gesture

Recognizes the text above the finger








Layout Analysis

Correctly order all phrases and expressions








Intelligent Interaction

Adjust sloping or vague words








Background filtering

Reading experience optimization









Enjoy everywhere!







Pause whenever necessary

Pause or continue at any time








AngelEye Smart Glasses

The magic of black-tech and vision

AngelEye, the world’s first smart glasses to assist blind people perceiving the world, by transfer the visual information into auditory, based on advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision technology.